Thursday, January 17, 2013

Siapakah civil servant ini?

Top Sarawak official under MoCS watch

 Movement of Change Sarawak (MoCS) announced the setting up of an anti-corruption committee and already they are inundated with reports
KUCHING: The Movement for Change Sarawak (MoCS) is closely monitoring a top civil servant in the state who is allegedly living beyond his means.
According to MOCS’ anti-corruption committee, the officer has “big cars and big houses”.
“We have received information from whistleblowers about this civil servant’s big houses and big cars.
“We are still collecting more evidence and double-checking it before we release it to the public,” said Baharuddin Mokshen, the committee’s coordinator.
He said since forming its Anti-Corruption Committee on Feb 13, MoCS has been receiving numerous complaints from the public on corrupt practices committed by civil servants.
“We’ve opened a number of files for further investigation. We will do our utmost to get to the bottom of the complaints although they came mainly from whistleblowers,” he said.
Baharuddin said that in the past weeks, it had become clear that the people of Sarawak were in need of an avenue to turn to in reporting corruption.
“There are many citizens who are concerned with the rampant corruption around us.
“MoCS will provide that platform for the public who may feel more comfortable in reporting to an independent organisation.
“The movement is action-oriented and we will act. Whether it is big fish or small fish we will try to catch them all,” he added.
MoCS to meet MACC
Baharuddin said MoCS leaders will meet with the Sarawak MACC Commissioner on March 9 to clear a few outstanding issues with the anti-graft agency.
He said that about one year ago MoCS had submitted a thick report based on the findings by online investigative portal, Sarawak Report, alleging corruption and abuse of power by Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud.
Among the allegations were that Taib and his family own a number of properties overseas and have RM4.6 billion in corporate assets in 14 wealthy companies.
His family was also linked to 332 companies in Malaysia.
The MACC had initiated investigations into the report just before the state election.
“Now we want to know what is the progress of the investigations,” Baharuddin said.


  1. Maybe Morshidi Ghani??....

  2. Don't just shoot the government servant, you must shoot the politicians also. Befair or else you'll be put in hell when you die!

  3. why kept his name under wraps? just expose him and see if he dare come clean or at least sue in court...