Saturday, November 17, 2012

Kematian-kematian misteri di Pusa - Ilmu sihir hitam mula berleluasa di Sarawak?

Mystery surrounds death of four in a family

Posted on November 17, 2012, Saturday
Polis bergegas ke tempat kejadian pada jam 6.40 petang dan mendapati rumah beliau dalam keadaan berkunci dari dalam.

PUSA: Question marks continue to surround the death of four members of a family whose bodies were discovered inside their house at Lubuk Chepung, near the bus terminal, here on Thursday.
The deceased have so far been identified by police as Zaidi Pandi, 62, his wife Tiah Sauti, 53, their daughter Atikah, 27, and son Kazil, 20.
Their decomposing bodies were found inside their locked house by Zaidi’s younger brother Omar, 39, when he went to deliver some items to the family around 5pm on Thursday.
According to Omar, he thought his brother, a contractor, was at home as the family’s car was parked in front of the house.
When his calls to them went unanswered, he tried to open the front door only to find it locked.
He soon smelled a stench coming from inside the house.
Suspecting something was amiss he immediately headed to the police station to lodge a report, and later accompanied police personnel to the house where they forced their way inside only to make the gruesome find.
Betong police chief DSP Sarifuddin Mustapha said at the time of the discovery, Zaidi was found lying on a prayer mat clad in traditional Malay attire, sarong, and a skull cap.
His daughter was dressed in prayer attire and was seated in a chair not far away with her head resting against a pillow and the son’s body was close by.
Tiah’s body was found on a mattress in a bedroom.
Sarifuddin, who believed the four had been dead at least 48 hours prior to being found, said the incident did not appear to be a murder as no injuries were found on the bodies.
He also ruled out robbery as the house was locked from the inside and nothing appeared to have been stolen.
“I advise the public not to speculate on the deaths as the investigation is still ongoing.
“The bodies have been sent to the Betong hospital and the case has been classified as sudden death pending the result of a post mortem.”


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