Tuesday, August 7, 2012

SPDP must discipline and stop Wong Judat antics - BN Sarawak Secretary General

Discipline Meluan rep’

by Borneo Post August 7, 2012, Tuesday
Datuk Dr Stephen Rundi
SPDP told antics of its veep cum assemblyman go against Barisan Nasional spirit
KUCHING: State BN secretary-general Datuk Dr Stephen Rundi Utom wants SPDP to take action against its Meluan assemblyman Wong Judat who has threatened to contest against Julau MP Datuk Joseph Salang Gandum in the 13th general election.
Dr Rundi said Wong, being a BN man, should have placed the interest of the party and BN before self interest.
He said his tiff with the four-term Salang, who is also Deputy Information, Communications and Culture Minister, was very much driven by personal issues and grudges, and that ran contrary to the true spirit of the BN.
“To ensure a victory for the BN and the PM (prime minister) in Julau in the coming general election, SPDP should do something about this issue.
“We hope SPDP will look into this seriously so that we will be able to face the polls in the 1BN spirit.
“Whatever movements he (Wong) has made we leave it to SPDP to take whatever actions deemed necessary to discipline Wong. Discipline him to make sure he abides by the BN understanding and the BN1Malaysia spirit.”
Dr Rundi said this to reporters yesterday when asked whether the state BN would act against Wong’s antics over the past few months.
During the past several months, Wong was often seen in the company of recently-registered Sarawak Workers Party (SWP) leaders and he even trumpeted on numerous occasions that he would contest in Julau if PRS fielded Salang again.
Then on July 21 during a SWP ‘Pentas Rakyat’ gathering in Kanowit, he told the reporters present he would meet his president and deputy president in Kuala Lumpur on July 30, and then resign from SPDP, for which he is one of its vice presidents, the following day to enable him to contest in Julau, probably under the SWP ticket.
However, when met by The Borneo Post on August 1 in Julau, Wong said: “For the time being, I am still 100 per cent with SPDP and BN. I am still serving the constituency as a BN rep.”
Dr Rundi stressed that as of now the state BN could not take disciplinary action against Wong since he had not made any decision yet.
“There are so many decisions which are unpredictable so we leave it to SPDP to sort it out.”
Dr Rundi, who is also Assistant Public Utilities Minister, said disciplinary action could be taken against Wong if his announcement of contesting in the coming polls was deemed detrimental to the coalition.
“We do have a disciplinary committee to deal with any unwarranted characters, but since he had not made any decision it is not fair to pass judgment on him.”

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