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SarawakReport berbohong dan memfitnah BN atas perbuatan seseorang

Recently PKR-controlled sarawakreport blasphemed Barisan Nasional by saying that corruption is corruption of Barisan Nasional. 

The corruption of 1 person Chang Chung Tchet who is not even a member of PBB or BN component definitely doesn't mean corruption of Barisan Nasional.  He could even be a member or supporter of DAP.

Is the corruption of sand smuggling, mushrooming of prostitution dens, illegal gambling or  wholesale selling state land in pakatan pembangkang-controlled selangor and penang fully the corruption of Pakatan Rakyat political parties?

Phang Chung Tchet may be DAP supporter or donor, 60% of chinese voters voted DAP in the recent state election.  Why doesn't then say that its DAP corruption?

Sarawakreport 10/4/2012
How Sarawak Energy’s General Manager, Phang Chung Tchet, makes money from contracts 
Take for example our new revelation about the corrupt contracts handed out by Sarawak Energy boss Phang Chung Tchet.
Back on 24th August 2001, Mr Phang registered a new company called C.P. Power Sdn Bhd, of which he became Director and 80% shareholder.
Five days later, on 29th August 2001, a new subsidiary of Sarawak Energy Bhd was created, called Sarawak Energy Engineering Sdn Bhd.  This was based at Sarawak Energy’s headquarters and the Manager and a Director of that company from day one was also Mr Phang Chung Tchet.
Interestingly, and perhaps to counter certain rumours that have been circulating about graft, Sarawak Energy Engineering Sdn Bhd changed its name last month and moved to a separate premises.  However, the Manager and Director continues to be Phang Chung Tchet.

Sarawak Energy Engineering (now See Engineering) was set up as a 70% subsidiary of SEB, based at its Head Quarters and Managed by Phang Chung Tchet. But who owned the remaining 30%
So, the question is whether there is any connection between this 70% subsidiary of SEB, managed and directed by Phang Chung Tchet, and the other company that he had set up privately 5 days earlier, C P Power Sdn Bhd?
The answer, we discover, is yes.  C P Power Sdn Bhd is the owner of the remaining 30% of the shares of Sarawak Energy Engineering Bhd!

See Engineering, called Sarawak Energy Engineering until last month

The 30% shareholder is C P Power. Both C P Power and Sarawak Energy (SESCO) are Managed by Phang Chung Tchet
And, as we already know, SEB General Manager Phang Chung Tchet is an 80% shareholder of C P Power.

Therefore, 80% of 30% of the profit from all contracts handed by SEB to Sarawak Energy Engineering/See Energy goes right into the General Manager's pocket!

This means that 80% of 30% of any profit from contracts handed by SEB to Sarawak Energy Engineering/See Energy goes right into SEB’s General Manager’s pocket!
So, perhaps it is time to take a look at those contracts, which have been awarded since the setting up of Sarawak Energy Engineering back in 2001?
Over RM900 million in contracts! 
Reference to the official Construction Industry Development Board website shows that Sarawak Energy Engineering/See Energy Sdn Bhd has received well in excess of RM900 million worth of state contracts over the past decade.
The vast majority of these contracts have been handed to the company by Sarawak Energy Bhd.
As the General Manager of Sarawak Energy it is to be assumed that Mr Phang has a major and controlling influence over the decisions to place these contracts into the hands of a company of which he is such a huge shareholder!
After all, 80% of 30% of the profits adds up to a lot of money, when you are talking about nearly a BILLION RINGGIT in contracts!
H.Maklumat Projek:
BilTajukTarikh AnugerahNilai (RM)Kilen
1.Tender For The Upgrading Of 33/11kV Transformer At Serian 33/11KV Substation, Serian (WR 13/11)14-11-2011RM 3,420,537.00SYARIKAT SESCO BERHAD
2.Establishment Of 2nd Transformer & Overhead Line Termination Works At PMU 132/11KV Chukai, Terengganu & ITC Works At PMU 132/11KV Jengka01-04-2011RM 12,255,675.70TENAGA NASIONAL BERHAD (PRECUMENT & CONTRACT)
3.Supply, Erection And Commissioning Of Biawak 11kV Substation (PLS-090137)21-01-2011RM 5,051,393.00SARAWAK ENERGY SERVICES SDN BHD
4.Proposed 132KV Double Circuit Underground Cable (150MVA) Bulk Supply To KLIA 216-12-2010RM 21,841,881.00TENAGA NASIONAL BERHAD (PRECUMENT & CONTRACT)
5.Supply Erction And Commisionning Of Lawas 33kV substation (PLS-060094)06-09-2010RM 1,652,627.00SYARIKAT SESCO BERHAD
6.Supply, Erection and Commissioning of 33kV and 11kV Reactive, Capacitive Compensators and Ancillary for Substations in Kuching (KUC-080039)15-07-2010RM 16,105,580.00SARAWAK ENERGY BERHAD
7.Supply, Installation & Commissioning Of 275KV/132KV,240MVA Auto Transformer Replacement For PMU Kuala Lumpur (East)25-05-2010RM 4,405,934.00TENAGA NASIONAL BERHAD
8.Supply, Erection & Commissioning Of Tg. Batu 33/11KV Substation Bintulu (PLS 050008)01-04-2010RM 7,143,479.00SYARIKAT SESCO BERHAD
9.Tender For Supply, Erection & Commissioning Of Pahlawan 33/11KV Substation03-09-2009RM 1,372,825.00SYARIKAT SESCO BERHAD
10.Tender For The Extension Ogf 33KV & 11KV ABB Switchgears At Sri Arjuna 33/11KV Substation31-07-2009RM 1,077,231.00SARAWAK SESCO BERHAD
11.Similajau 275/33kV Substation for Switchgear, Transformers, Cables, Ancillaries and Civil Works13-03-2009RM 98,015,604.68SARAWAK ENERGY BERHAD
12.Supply, Erection And Commissioning of Rantau Panjang 33 / 11 KV Substation10-12-2008RM 5,035,402.00SYARIKAT SESCO BERHAD
13.Transformer Uprating At Bandong And Upper Lanang 33 / 11 KV Substation (PLS-080124)10-12-2008RM 8,896,808.00SYARIKAT SESCO BERHAD
14.Tender For The Upgrading Of 33/11KV Transformers At Matang 275KV Substation,15-10-2008RM 4,134,575.00SYARIKAT SESCO BERHAD
15.Supply, Erection & Commissioning Of 33KV & 11KV Switchgear, Transformer & Ancillary Equipment For Astana 33/11KV Substation15-09-2008RM 12,053,387.00SYARIKAT SESCO BERHAD
16.Engkilili-Entinggan-Muara Tabuan 275kV / 132kV Transmission System10-09-2008RM 113,143,867.06SARAWAK ENERGY BERHAD
17.Supply, Erection And Commssioning Of Salim 33/11Kv Substation (PLS-060200)03-06-2008RM 5,307,760.00SYARIKAT SESCO BERHAD
18.TNB 755/2007 Supply, Erect And Comm. Of 90MVA 132/33KV Power Transformers And 300KVA Earthing Transformers With Asso.Ancil. Equip. TNB Transmission Substations – PMU Taiping Ind. And PMU Pengkalan (RIMA)02-01-2008RM 11,001,000.00TENAGA NASIONAL BERHAD (BAHAGIAN PEMBAHAGIAN)
19.TNB.754/2007 Supply, Erect And Commissioning Of 90MVS 132/33KV Power Transformers And 300KVA 33/0.145KV Earthing Transoformers With Associated Anicillary Equipment For TNB Transmission Substations – PMU Kajang Estate And PMU Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi02-01-2008RM 10,523,500.00TENAGA NASIONAL BERHAD (BAHAGIAN PEMBAHAGIAN)
20.The Supply, Erection & Commissioning Of 11kV Swithgears & Ancilliary Equipments For New Dewan Undangan Negeri Complex Intake Substation21-12-2007RM 849,489.00SYARIKAT SESCO BERHAD
21.Mukah Coal-Fired Power Plant-Aluminium Smelter Plant Transmission Line Project.30-08-2007RM 6,772,500.00
22.Survey, Design, Supply, Delivery, Erection & Commissioning Of Approximately 7km Of Proposed Mukah Coal-Fired Power Plant – Aluminium Smelter Plant Transmission Line Project30-08-2007RM 6,772,500.00SARAWAK ENERGY SERVICES SDN.BHD
23.Membekal, Menghantar, Memasang, Menguji & Menugas semula Peralatan Audio Visual Utk Ruang Pengajaran & Pembelajaran Di Pusat Pembelajaran Gunaan & Multimedia UNIMAS20-07-2007RM 1,595,359.30CONCORD LINK REALTY SDN BHD
24.Extention To Muara Tabuan 132kV Substation – Balance Of 132kV Works.Contract NO. PLS040061,24-11-2005RM 2,540,000.00PETI SURAT 149
25.Upgrading of 33/11KV Transformers at Kuching Airport 33KV Substation,16-08-2005RM 2,858,375.42PETI SURAT 149
26.Notification of Award of Tender For Supply, Delivery, Erection and Commissioning Of Two Units of 3,000 kW-3,000 kW Diesel Engine Generating Sets And Associated Auxiliaries For Lawas New Power Station19-04-2005RM 19,031,286.15PERBADANAN PEMBEKALAN LETRIK SARAWAK
27.Sibu-Tender For Supply, Install, Testing And Commissioning Of 30V DC Charge, Battery And DC Distribution Switchboard For Race Course 11 kV Substation (Outdoor) And New Hospital 11 kV Substation (Indoor) In Sibu26-04-2004RM 120,819.00
28.Supply, Erection & Comm. Of 33kV & 11kV S/gears, Transformers & Ancillary Equipment For Sejingkat 4 33/11kV Substation02-07-2003RM 5,190,094.87PERBADANAN PEMBEKALAN LETRIK SARAWAK
29.Construction, Equipping, Commissioning & Maintenance Of The Sarawak International Medical Centre At Kota Samarahan01-07-2003RM 372,932,568.40SARAWAK SPECIALIST HOSPITAL & MEDICAL CENTRE SDN. BHD.
30.The Construction And Completion Of The Proposed Double-Storey Semi Detached Houses And Associated Infrastructure Works For Area Block 7 At Lot 3986 And Main Access Road For Area Block 17 (Phase1) At Lot 3996 (Part Of P.L. 847) Block 9, Salak Land District Off Jalan Sultan Tengah, Kuching, Sarawak26-06-2003RM 467,905.00
31.Subcon – Cad. Merekabentuk, Membina Dan Menyiapkan Politeknik Mukah, Sarawak09-06-2003RM 10,500,000.00
32.Subcon – Tender For : Cadangan Merekabentuk, Membina, Membina dan Menyiapkan Politeknik Mukah, Sarawak – M & E Package 2H – Design, Construction, Completion And Commissioning Of The Proposed HT/LT Distribution And Substations Installation For The Proposed Mukah Polytechnic, Mukah, Sarawak.09-06-2003RM 10,500,000.00
33.Supply, Delivery, Erection & Commissioning Of 1 U Of 3,000kW – 3,300kW Diesel Engine Generating Set & Associated Auxiliaries For Limbang Power Station Extension09-04-2003RM 8,349,547.00PERBADANAN PEMBEKALAN LETRIK SARAWAK
34.Notification of Award Of Tender – for Supply, Delivery, Erection And Commisioning Of One Unit Of 3000 Kw – 3,300KW Diesel Engine Generating Set And Associated Auxiliaries For Limbang Power Station Extension.09-04-2003RM 8,349,547.00
35.Bekalan Elektrik Ke Loji Perawatan Air Sg. Ular, Sebuyau13-03-2003RM 579,020.00JABATAN KERJA RAYA BAHAGIAN SAMARAHAN
36.Proposed Bandar Samariang Development HT/LT Infrastructure Works To Area Block 1613-03-2003RM 299,580.00
37.OYA- Bkt. Lima Transmission Project – Contract No.C0029084 For Switchgear, Cable & Ancillaries – Contract No.C0029092 For Transformers30-03-2002RM 56,080,764.00PERBADANAN PEMBEKALAN LETRIK SARAWAK
38.Kemena EHV Substation Project – Contract No. C0029181 For Switchgear, Cable & Ancillaries – Contract No.C0029190 For Transformers30-03-2002RM 49,452,183.00PERBADANAN PEMBEKALAN LETRIK SARAWAK
39.Proposed 11KV Electricity Supply To Sesco Outdoor Sub-Station For Student Hostel/Apartment & Common Hall For Curtin Universiti Of Technology, Sarawak12-11-2001RM 241,860.00
40.Subcon – The HT/LV Turnkey Works For The Proposed Curtin University Of Technology, Sarawak02-11-2001RM 2,831,909.10
So, Mr Phang Chung Tchet clearly has very serious questions to answer regarding the clear and corrupt conflict of interest involved in his management of these two companies and the hundreds of millions in contracts that have flowed from SEB into a company he owns.

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    Sarawakreport claire remcastle brown is part of Mi6 British Spy agency plan to re-colonize Malaysia. Demonize the BN leaders and then let foreign-controlled DAP and PKR take over Malaysian and Sarawak governments