Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Challenge Peter Chin for self-praise? RH funded Wong Soon Koh ask Peter Chin to 'utter words' to Prime Minister

War of words between SUPP presidential hopefuls escalates

Meanwhile, at a press conference here yesterday, Wong said he had the best working relationship with the state Barisan Nasional leadership under Chief Minister Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud.

“All these years, whatever problems, particularly those faced by the urban communities, had been brought to the attention of the state government.

“I have been able to obtain state land with Taib’s approval for the building of Chinese and mission schools, churches, temples, burial grounds and Chinese association buildings.

“The Chief Minister has been very gracious in helping us solve even bread-and-butter issues,” he added.

He challenged Chin to ask Taib if he (Wong) had indeed, done this and how often.

 - Bernama 

A cause for concern

by Raymond Tan, reporters@theborneopost.com. Posted on December 5, 2011, Monday
Wong Soon Koh alleges Federal Minister Peter Chin of being anti-BN
SIBU: SUPP presidential aspirant Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh said he is concerned with the anti-Barisan Nasional (BN) attitude displayed by the Chin-Teng camp.
Speaking at a press conference here yesterday, he said party treasurer Datuk David Teng had admitted to uttering “SUPP has been cornered and bullied” by other BN component parties.
Wong, who is SUPP deputy secretary-general, charged that the Chin-Teng camp had, in their ceramahs, said “SUPP has been stripped of its pants” in Mandarin – meaning the party had been stripped completely bare and humiliated.
He added that the camp claimed it was now time to take a 180-degree retaliating turn in their presidentia l election campaign.
Wong, who is also Second Finance Minister and Minister of Local Government and Community Development, said he hoped the Chin-Teng camp was not stirring anti-BN sentiments among their supporters.
Wong is in a tussle with organising secretary Datuk Seri Peter Chin, who is also Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water, for the party’s presidency during the party’s triennial delegates’ conference (TDC), which is slated to be held in Kuching from Dec 9-11.
Party president Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan is stepping down following his loss in Piasau during the 10th state election last April.
SUPP fielded 19 candidates in the April 16 polls, but only six managed to scrap through. Wong also posed a few questions for the Chin-Teng camp to enlighten the party on their future plans.
“If the camp puts SUPP in such a resentful state within the BN, why a reorganising secretary Peter Chin and current president Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan inviting the chief minister and the prime minister to launch SUPP TGM this month?”
Wong said the situation had left him with numerous doubts, and he challenged the two leaders to answer.

Wong further asked: “Has Peter Chin been bullied and ill-treated at the federal level? If so, why has he remained silent and has never uttered a word to the prime minister?”

He added that if Chin had been so resentful, he should have resigned or quit BN.
Instead, Wong said, Chin had been described as a leader with the highest political integrity during their campaign.
He claimed that Teng had also said the leadership in SUPP, particularly the six assemblymen led by him (Wong), had their leadership roles in the BN reduced to just “Yes-men”.

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