Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New candidate for CM

A KL Datuk known as Ab Jl has been informing the KL business community and federal civil servants that like america, sarawak will also have a change in leadership symbol.  America had its first President of african descent.  According to dtk abd jl sarawak will have its first lady CM.

Before we dismiss outright this 'information' spread by dtk ab jl in KL, we should study the facts.

Fact one, it was the supposed lady candidate father who 'gave' the CM post to Pehin Sri.  Therefore it is not too far fetch to assume that Pehin Sri would do a 'return (as per what is spread by dtk ab jl).

Fact two, the lady candidate is business partner and very close to son of Pehin Sri.  dtk ab jl tells everyone that Pehin Sri son is always at lady candidate house.  dtk ab jl tells everyone that lady candidate is generous enough to give her parliamentary seat to son of Pehin Sri.  In return lady candidate will be given a state seat and cmship.

Fact three, lady candidate has been very successful in getting federal projects in sarawak.  Her detractors claim that she is profiting the projects for herself but even if that is true the fact remains that she IS BRINGING federal projects to sarawak.  That in itself is an achievement and is an important criteria for any chief minister.

YB Datuk Amar Tan Sri Adenan Satem has already informed CM and other leaders that he is not interested.  Therefore now it is between YB Datuk Amar Abang Abdul Rahman Zohari Bin Tun Openg, YB Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu Numpang, YB Datuk Amar Awang Tengah and the new lady candidate.

Even though dtk ab jl is lobbying projects using the lady candidate's potential to be CM the 3 facts cannot be ignored.  New entrant must not be seen in a negative light.  This is a healthy development for sarawak politics because it shows that the electorate are willing to give woman leaders a chance.  Whichever of the four is chosen we all know it will be for the best for Sarawak.

New Update:-
From sebanaku commenter who wrote."
Anonymous said...
Logical, heard that she is also close to Najib by marriage....


  1. Logical, heard that she is also close to Najib by marriage....

  2. I think she read too many fairy tale books, you know the bed time stories. Unfortunately she is not Alice in Wonderland

  3. It's not her. This issue is brought forward by those surrounding her who wants to ensure survival in life. Not likely to happen. Is so, my vote may swing to the other wing ......

  4. I'll write more later on. this story is cheap and ridiculous and only suitable for people who believes in the stupidity of conspiracy stories and those who fantasize about dreams that will never happen.

    Oh please comparing her to President Obama, what is this ? What does she have, if not born in a family of silver spoon and golden plate. obama is a great leader with humble beginings and he climbed his ladder which were full of ordeals. Obama has ideas and vision and audacity to offer himself, to fight for what he believe in and later won. What does this day dreamer lady have ? A family who were the yesterdays in politics. A father who did not do much for Sarawak except to politicise everything under the sun. I remember those days, Rahman Yaakub would turn everything into childish politics and under him Sarawak does not ahve much to be proud of except it's one sided elections where ridiculous stories were created against his opponents.

    I will write again but for anyone to believe this article is deluding himself or herself. DS Najib is a pragmatic PM and he would not risk the post of the CM of Sarawak with someone who even haven't shown any leadership quality let alone leadership strength.

    Stop deluding ourselves. I'll write again.

  5. Knight is right. This lady is not a front liner. She is MP yes, but no where near to the no. 1 post. Has there ever been a CM outside the first and second line of leadership succession before ?

    None. Just imagine an ordinary MP from UMNO finally becoming PM ? What will the rest in the boat think ?

    This kind of story of her becoming CM is only good for kopi tiam talk and then just leave it cold in the empty cups. That's all there is.

  6. Kemana pergi menghilangnya lmn SUARA PEMIKIR ... sudah lama tidak tengok ... tidak fikir lagi ke?

  7. Baguslah ya.. Empun jak kitak semua Negeri Sarawak


    PBB 35 Seats
    SUPP 6 Seats
    SPDP 6 Seats
    PRS 8 Seats
    DAP 12 seats (biggest ever)
    PKR 3 Seats
    IND. 1 Seat

    What happen if SUPP,SPDP,PRS withdraw from BN's Coalitions and forming their own's group? And throw their support to the current Oppositions. BN35 seats Vs The other Group 36 seats.? Can BN rule anymore?

  9. To those writing on 0ctober 6, 2011 at 4.02 p.m.

    You are another dreamer, and worst still in a non wonderland/ Politics is not a simple mathematics as what you claim it to be. You asked what happened if all the SUPP, SPDP and PRS withdraw their seats ? You asked " Can the BN rule anymore ? "

    Let me tell you this. What you are asking now is just exactly what happened in the 1987 Ming Court crisis where 28 out of 48 state assemblymen or YBs withdrew from the coalition.

    Then what happened ? The Chief Minister dissolve the state assembly and call for a snap election and won again. So that is what had happened in 1987 and that is what will happened if these parties withdraw themselves. BN will call for a state election and will likely win again.

    But do you think that PRS, SPDP, SUPP will withdraw ? Not at the present circumstances I believe. There is too much at stake for them to even considering to withdraw. Look at history. The only party that had withdrwan from the BN was PBS of Sabah and after knowing the stakes at hand, they applied to come back.

    So, you are another day dreamer who do not know history. Withdrawing from BN ? Hah, why don't you ask the 3 parties if they wish to do that. How will the opposition treat them ? The opposition pact can't even agree on many thing, let alone have leadership on anything. It is very common to see internal squabbles among the oppositions, particularly the huddud issue. So who are you to say the 3 parties will withdraw ? Who are you ?

  10. The future Chief Minister should be someone who does not carry too much excess baggage from the past. Meaning someone who is relatively clean. Someone who will be able to hold the coalition in unison and unity. He must be one who is intelligent, far sighted, and a visionary. Someone who is strong at will and humanitarian at heart. He must not only be fair but demonstrate just and fairness for all.

    All these talk about these lady and this ex Chairman of a corporation etc, etc is nothing but empty and full of stupidity. Sarawak must have a new breathe of fresh air, a leader who is humble, forth right, sincere and firm but humane.

    I don't see that in the opposition at this moment.

    So the present ruling BN must have a consensus and I am sure they will. Again I must emphasise that I am not a member of any political party and I love the convenience of being neutral but like most Sarawakians, I do want the best for the state.

    And the state opposition is full of dogmatic slogans, even they have some late afternoon dreams on who should be CM. It reminds me of Kenny Rogers well known hit song - " Don't fall in love with a dreamer..." :) :) Sing that song with me, will you, ooh opposition members.. : )

  11. Dear Knights of Saladin.. I'm no Opposition members nor any political party member.I'm just an ordinary Rakyat Sejati Sarawak.
    Just want to ask you something.. Do you think/believe that The Ming Court 2 will occurs again.?
    That is I'm trying to say. Shake the Boat (BN's sarawak) and the DUN will dissolve and present Government will call for a snap election. Like wise BN will win and we will have our new CM. who? I don't know.
    as what you quote:-
    The future Chief Minister should be someone who does not carry too much excess baggage from the past. Meaning someone who is relatively clean. Someone who will be able to hold the coalition in unison and unity.

    We will not mince our words for the sake of our beloved PBB and President Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud !!!
    For the rest, you have to be the president if you want be spared!!!

  13. This story is too cheap to be commented by a pro like me.. Better to leave this matter in a safe hand.. Or just wait and see...

  14. Right Mr HITMAN...any more super cheap issue to be posted?

  15. Knights of Saladin replied....

    My Dear Brother who wrote on the 8th. October 2011 at 8.46 a.m.

    I believe that Ming Court 2 will not happen again, at least not at the present moment. Don't worry. Sorry for late reply as I was on the air most of the time these past two days. And I am writing under anonymous, somehow I left my blackberry somewhere and now I reply by an ordinary computer.

    Yes friend. We need a future good CM, just like Datuk Seri Najib. DS Najib knows the heart beat and impulse of the people. He understands their difficulties. He knows how much taxi drivers make per day relatively and he knows how much they had to incurr in order to carry on with their lives. Ask DS Najib, he understands who hardship means for manual workers and he knows how much they can afford for a decent breakfast. That's why his budget was so comprehensive, PM najib even mentions about cheap restaurants that can provide cheap meals. Ask DS Najib, he knows the flats and old apartments in KL that needs repair and refurbishing. And repairs of lifts.

    This is one leader very much in touch with the people. Look at how people crowd him at his jay walk, they swarmed to him like bees swarming to honeys. You can find DS Najib sitting for a teh tarik or enjoying his pack nasi lemak and chatting with ordinary folks.

    And PM Najib has his vision, on a macro level. He is a macro and micro minded leader with the vision of taking this country to a hihger level income nation.

    That's what we also need as future CM. I'll write more. I have a flight to catch


    Knights of Saladin

  16. Assalamualaikum and greetings to all.

    Yes, my Dear Friend who wrote on 8th. October 2011 at 8.49 p.m.

    In continuing my views, we should have the CM who is a true leader among the people, he understands their grief and he strives for their welfare and well being.

    Again I am putting forth our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak as such a leader. When walking among the crowd, Datuk Seri Najib is not just looking at the crowd, he is also looking at the houses that the people around him stayed and he also had a good look at how they earn their living. Look at most of his speeches. DS Najib is always acting in a statesmanship manner, his speeches does not too often attack his opponents but instead it's about building the country and caring for the people. It's about his plans, with zest and vigour to uplift the people to a better living conditions, it's about the rice bowl issue, it's about decent shelter, it's about wanting to alleviate the people of misery and misfortune. DS Najib feels the heart beat and the impulse of the ordinary men on the streets, the humble and the down trodden. It's about how much he can improve welfare and well being.

    DS Najib does not have too much time to talk about petty politics or desperado politics like his opponents. His quest is to develop a country and build a nation. It's about sharing and feeling hardships of the people and it's about giving them hope and making this hope come true. His opponents are busy trying to blemish this great man, accusing him of false accusations and by the Grace of ALLAH, one of his worst critics which is Raja Petra Kamaruddin then finally admitted that the terrible accusations against DS Najib are nothing but lies, manufactured by the opposition.

    DS Najib has all the markings and character of a true statesman and a great leader, who wants to give the best to this country. Look at the recent Budget of 2012, even the opposition are lost for words and could not attack the budget and all the good intentions that DS Najib has for this country and the people. I think DS Najib believes in one thing "... Give one's best and let GOD do the rest.."

    May Datuk Seri Najib succeed and like his father, may he will always be loved by all the people.

    I'll write more later.


  17. And while Datuk Seri najib talks and speak about developing the country and building a nation, what does his opponents talk about ?

    PAS beleaguered Deputy President mat sabu talks about glorifying the communist and making these " people from hell " as heroes. Dato Seri Abdul Hadi Awang ( I still have some amount of respect for him though ) talks about huddud. Lim Kit Siang talks about going against huddud and Karpal Singh talks about asking people to go over his dead body if they want huddud. Anwar Ibrahim talks about more lies and how there was too much conspiracy against him. And even now, Anwar himself was lost for words for he cannot match the budget of 2012 tabled by Datuk Seri Najib. All the opposition can say is that the Budget 2012 is an election budget. Well, why can Anwar be a man in the world of politics and start playing the man's game ? Isn't the Penang budget going to be an election budget as well ? What about the Selangor budget ? Is it going to be merely peanuts for the monkeys ? And of course, since 1998 Anwar has been feeding us stories of endless conspiracies against him. All the true glaring videos were conspiracy said Anwar.

    You know, if William Shakespeare had live in our times, he would be amazed to be told of all these endless tales of conspiracies. Shakespeare would abandon his written stories of Caesar and would admit that Anwar conspiracies story would be juicer than all Shakespearean epics.

    Dato Seri Nik Aziz talks about huddud and even agree to DAP leaving the Pakatan if they can't tag along with him. While I personally support huddud, but I have my reason to believe that this huddud thing was played again and again because PAS feels the heat of mat sabu infamous love for the communist has taken it's toll on the support from the Malay community. Malays hates communist profusely, bring one communist in a malay kampung, and the next day, just see what will happen to that communist.

    Believe me, the Malay stance on communist is simple, if one speaks about glorifying the communist, then almost every Malay will go wild and furious and will show their anger immediately. Even a Malay who does not belong to any party will be fumingly furious on the slightest talk of communist. No Malay will tolerate any communist or their sympathisers or their COMMUNIST SPOKESMAN.

    Is these the type of leaders we want from the opposition ? Communist minded and communist fans ? With no plans to develop this country ? With no plans to improve the lives of the people but busy in rewriting history to glorify a bunch of mad men, who were hell bent from hell, who terrorised the country and kill countless lives ? Is this what we want for this country ?

    All of us know the answer best.


  19. Mengapakah KM kita terlalu lama untuk mencari pengantinya,setahun demi setahun berlalu beliau belum lagi berundur. Adakah Km kita mencari keluarganya sendiri atau kroninya sendiri sebagai pengantinya. Wahai KM berilah peluang kepada orang lain lagi,YB Abg Jo kah,YB Datuk Effendi Nawawi dan banyak YB yang berkebolehan terdiri daripada YB bangsa Iban atau Bidayuh.