Saturday, October 29, 2011

Masing not DCM because of wisdom and thorough thinking?

Declare Deepavali a public holiday in S’wak, KL urged

Borneo Post October 27, 2011, Thursday
KUCHING: The small Indian population in Sarawak should not be used as an excuse by the federal government to exclude the state from the Deepavali holiday, said Land Development Minister Tan Sri Dr James Masing yesterday.

“Sarawak is not Malaysia, and if you talk about Malaysia you have got to look at the whole of Malaysia. So, Sarawak, being part of Malaysia, should be entitled to have a Deepavali break even though the number of Indians here may not be that many,” he said.
Masing said that the small population should not be the issue. The issue is that there are Indians residing in the state and “who are loyal Malaysians, and I think they also deserve a break”.
Speaking to newsmen after attending Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus’ graduation ceremony here yesterday, Masing said the fact that Deepavali was not a public holiday for Sarawak actually surprised him.
He said this was because under the 1Malaysia concept it should be “one Malaysia, one break and one holiday, and not like what was happening now”.
Masing added that it was the decision of the federal government whether to make Deepavali a public holiday for Sarawak or not.
“It is for the federal government to make a declaration. We cannot declare it as a public holiday ourselves,” he explained.
Masing opined that if events such as Deepavali were not declared a public holiday, then the 1Malaysia concept doesn’t hold water.
“By right this kind of things should be done automatically by the federal leadership … there is no need to wait for the state to push for it.”
Masing, however, pointed out that under statutory requirement only a certain number of days for holidays were permitted annually and as such if Deepavali were to be declared a public holiday for Sarawak then the government had cancel one holiday to replace it.


Point 1  Tiada pemipin MIC atau PPP pernah memperjuangkan keperluan Dayak atau Sarawak di kerajaan persekutuan
Point 2  Kalau Deepavali jadi cuti umum di Sarawak maka Gawai atau Good Friday perlu dibatalkan untuk ganti hari kerja yang hilang.  Inikah yang dimahukan oleh Yang Berhormat Tan Sri James Jemut Masing?
Point 3  Setiap press statement oleh menteri adalah di anggap polisi kerajaan negeri kerana beliau adalah ahli kabinet Sarawak.  Adakah press statement oleh Yang Berhormat Tan Sri James Jemut Masing ini polisi kerajaan negeri atau belum dirujuk?

Does this press statement by Right Honourable Tan Sri James Jemut Masing displays wisdom and maturity befitting a Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak?


  1. hahaha..morning Tan Sri James Jemut Masing,Bagus U take of yr masyarakat dayak yang tanah sidaknya diceroboh dan dirampas.U sepatutnya membela kebajikan bangsa dayak...bukan isu india di sarawak.isu masyarakat kepentingan masyarakat india di sarawak berik jak dgn yb daud.

    Cuti deepavali bukan satu isu di sarawak.Kebajikan masyarakat Dayak di Sarawak adalah isu yang patut U lihat.

    Mun nak jadi hero pun biarlah bertempat!YB ku, apa dipolah kau slama tok dgn bangsa kau..

  2. According to the latest Auditor General report, the Ministry of Land Development Sarawak headed by Tan Sr James Jemut Masing has the worst financial management report IN MALAYSIA. It means that not only a lot of audit procedural requirements had not been followed but there are a host of financial abuses as well. And alongside with this shamless audit finding, the Kapit District office has the second lowest or second worst financial management IN MALAYSIA. Let us also not forget that Kapit area is one under TS Masing as it's assemblyman or ADUN.

    Is this the true image of Sarawak ? When I was serving in Peninsular Malaysia a few years ago ( on which I hope to serve there again ), Sarawak was the shining example of good finacial management. I remember reading the past years auditor general report in which the Johore government was criticised for having great debts to the Federal Government. And it's always deficit budget. But not Sarawak. Sarawak was the leader in surplus budgets among all states in Malayisa and the AG report on audit gives it a thumbs up assesment. I stroll with pride among my collegues and always reminded them that Sarawak is a cream example and a model to be followed when it comes to management of assets and finance. My colleagues smiled and they too were impressed.

    But in reading this year Auditor General report for 2010, I received many e mails from my colleagues. They were still smiling in their attached video sent to me but this time around their smiles were cynical. They told me that Sarawak has not live up to the standards and I was made to eat a humble pie. Yes, it's true. How can I hold my head high and how can all Sarawakians hold their heads high anymore from the reports of the AG.

    TS James Masing used to be so fond of criticising the Federal Government for what he claim as inproportionate allocation of funds by the Federal Government to Sarawak. He also criticised the Federal civil servants particularly those from the Peninsular and I suppose he meant the Muslim civil servants, for what he deemed as trying to spread extremist elements in Sarawak.

    I sincerely suggest that Tan Sri James Jemut Masing put his house in order first, and particularly foremost, I suggest that he clean his own back yard before commenting on the yards of other houses and other people. His house has a lot of backyard cleaning to be done.


    I suggest TS Masing look at

  3. More better things for you to make statement rather than asking for holiday. Happy Dewali tan Sri......

  4. SEBANAKU should close ...because this blogsite is the laziest AND very shallow. Nothing much to contribute to Sarawak and society. Nothing worth reading , nothing that adds to intelligence, just mere waste of cyberspace and our valuable time. SEBANA should change or just vanish into nothingness where it belongs.

  5. Before Masing open his mouth to propose that Deepavalli be made a public holiday in Sarawak, he should ask himself........Sarawak has about 7000 indian and he is calling for a public holiday for Deepavalli. Johore has 40000 Dayaks and yet Gawai Dayak is still not a public holiday in Johore or any part of semenanjung Malaysia. James should not try to be a hero for the Indians. Fight for a National holiday for Dayaks in Semenanjung 1st!

  6. Apai Saloi!! The name remind us of stupidity but this Apai Saloi is no stupid..ha ha ha You Goddamn right Apai Saloi, 40000 Dayaks in Johor need Gawai too..we want to celebrate Gawai in Johor my dear Masing..pls pls do something..kak ngirup Gawai taun ilak ..

  7. Having a holiday for each festival is not really important but appreciating and respecting the festival is the most important. In Sarawak,Indians may not have official holidays for both Thaipusam and Deepavali but most companies operating in Sarawak give offday to their Indian employees to celebrate the festival.. The Company RESPECTS the celebration and their employees APPRECIATE it...

    It is not a need to declare Deepavali as a holiday due to too many holidays have been gazetted for Sarawak and of course we cant imagine if each ethnic in Sarawak asking the same demand.. nobody working throughout the year.!

  8. Baam.. Sarawak Indian..??
    "Sarawak Indian" adalah orang "asli sarawak" mereka bukan berasal dari Negara India seperti "Malaya Indian"..itu lah sebabnya Sarawak tidak layak dapat cuti umum sperti di Malaya sana.
    "1 Malaysia...1 Malaysia....1 Malaya"