Saturday, September 24, 2011

Audie Chua clears the road for Dato Sri Abu Berkir Taib

Chua willing to take on Toyad in Mukah

Borneo Post September 18, 2011, Sunday
KUCHING: The recent announcement by Mukah Member of Parliament Datuk Mohammad Leo Toyad that he would seek another term if allowed by the party leadership has not gone down well with some in the Barisan Nasional (BN).
While others might decide to keep to themselves of their feelings, a blogger Athanasius Audie Chua who is from Mukah has launched a cyber campaign to take on the incumbent in the coming general election.

Apparently the blogger, who is a member of Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP), was not happy that Toyad, who is from Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) was still interested to contest in the general election despite being the MP for seven terms.
However, instead of merely criticizing Toyad , the blogger, whose blog is known as Audie61, decided to offer himself as a candidate to take on the incumbent.
“Toyad has been around as the Member of Parliament for seven terms and obviously some just could not take it when he said he would seek another term if allowed by the party leadership,” said a source when contacted yesterday.
He added many in Mukah, especially the young generation, were hoping Barisan Nasional (BN) would field a new face in the general election.
He pointed out that seven terms was a very long period for an ordinary MP whose contribution is only limited to his constituency.
“It would be a different matter if the MP is holding a senior position in the federal cabinet whose contribution is very much needed by the country.
“If that is the case, I believe many would want such MP to stay long because it is part of what we can call as the service to the country,” he said.
The source also revealed that, besides Dato Sri Mahmud Bekir Taib, there were at least two persons being bandied about as possible candidates for the Mukah constituency.
“The other two are a former District Office Alfonsus Dorhart and a youth leader from PBB James Pieng,” he said.


  1. Go ahead. Take on Toyad and you will lose your deposit. Plus your campaign money too. Go on Audie !!

  2. audi syok sendiri! orang mukah tak ingin ooiii

  3. Toyad have to step down by himself before voters in mukah do...

  4. Audi jangan mimpi disiang hari

  5. Cina tok boleh menang kah di Mukah ? Ya tempat Melanao totok, Chua ya disruh mulik jak,

    Cina masuk jak kawsen Cina, iboh nak gago tanding Melano area ya. Iboh jadi bodo bah.

  6. Tukai inah selak pak Audie.Butok kawan adek mei besunat kulup gak pebun madem gak.

  7. Berilah peluang orang baru...

  8. The fact about Alphonsus Dorhat...he is not a former DO but a qualified engineer (formerly with Bintulu port), a consultant cum businessman and a Mukah Councellor, being a local with the experience and exposure, he should be a worthy choice.

  9. Saya setuju, berilah peluang org baru. Saya sikdpt nangga seorang yang berbini org putih (russia gik ya) mungkin menghabiskan 70% masanya hidupnya diluar sarawak (ataupun Malaysia) faham kah sik nya sentimen tempatan entah, hidup mewah dari kecik sik pernah merasa susah, dapat menjadi wakil rakyat org mukah. Minta maaf saya tok sik milih org tapi nangga juak background. Pusin2 sia jak. adeh..udah gik eh.. mun org faham faham lah

  10. jauh panggang dari api

  11. Baam..berundurlah cara 'terhormat'..!
    'Sesiapa' sahaja boleh berpendapat bahawa 'dia' lah calon "WINABLE"... give everyone a try!

    APA MAOK BANYAK CAKAP..!!?? 'tuah ayam nampak di sisik kaki..tuah manusia siapalah tahu??

  12. Apa digago yg nulis atas ya. Terpulang ngan BN, nak milih sapa kah. leo kah ? Kau ya ngago dirik, ngegeh sik tentu pasal. di forum lain pun ko nulis Baam. Jadi nok pa gago you ? Sidak PR makae recycle candidate ko sik malu kah ? Muka muka ya jak nak ditunjuk ke tengah. Ya nunjuk generasi muda sik ngan kitak urang, kecuali urang bodo yg nak " Baam jak " Cermin dolok sapa kay ya.