Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Karim is a better choice than Jerip to be Assistant Minister !!!

Here are our arguments:

# As the Chief Political Secretary to the Chief Minister Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah has never failed to aggressively defending Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud.

# Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah also has strong supports in his party PBB

# SUPP is a dying party

Posted on July 11, 2011, Monday

KUCHING: Speculations are rife that Bengoh assemblyman Dr Jerip Susil might be a member of the State Cabinet soon.

Hours after Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud hinted at a function in Kota Samarahan on Saturday that Dr Jerip could expect some good news soon as a reward for his loyalty to BN, the good doctor represented an assistant minister to officiate at an event.

This is considered ‘unusual’ because the function, which was held at a hotel in Kuching, is outside his constituency of Bengoh.

Dr Jerip was tasked to represent Assistant Minister of Water Supply Sylvester Entrie Muran at the ‘DUN Muara Tuang-level Ngiling Tikai dinner (closing of Gawai)’.
Among those present were Muara Tuang assemblyman Dato Sri Mohd Ali Mahmud, former Nangka assemblyman Datuk Awang Bemee Awang Ali Basah, political secretary to the Chief Minister Awangku Jamudin Pengiran Kon and Samarahan Resident Rodziah Morsidi.

Dr Jerip did not reveal anything about the possibility of becoming a minister or assistant minister in his speech.

He merely talked about the dangers of street politics which could bring chaos to the state. Dr Jerip continued to remain coy yesterday. Attempts to get his comments on Taib’s statement were futile.

He had, in past interviews, said he would leave this matter to the chief minister because he (Taib) had the prerogative to make such a decision. But Bidayuh community leaders have been voicing their support for Dr Jerip’s inclusion in the State Cabinet following his victory in the April 16 state election.

Taib, when officiating at the ‘Samarahan Division’s 25th anniversary’, had sung praises of Dr Jerip in his speech.

Among others, he said Dr Jerip, who once fought the BN government, was now a ‘champion of the BN coalition’ and a promoter of his politics of development.

“He has realised that it is better to serve the people with deeds than by words only. And that’s the difference in Dr Jerip of yesterday and Dr Jerip of today. Bigger things will come to him because of his conviction.”

Taib, however, has been tight-lipped on when he would announce a Cabinet reshuffle or who would make it into the new lineup.

Dr Jerip, a former State Reform Party (STAR) member, had once contested as an independent in Bengoh.

But in the 2001 state election, he joined SUPP and won Bengoh for the BN. He successfully defended the seat in 2006.

In the April 16 polls, he won again for the third time with a 3,646-vote majority in a four-cornered fight.

But the recently-concluded 10th state election is special in a way because Dr Jerip is only one of six SUPP assemblymen who had won following a humiliating performance by the party which saw it losing 13 of the 19 seats it contested in.

Among those defeated was party president Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan. There are only four Bumiputera assemblymen in SUPP.

Many political observers have opined that the time has come for Dr Jerip to be made a minister or at least an assistant minister.

Dr Chan had said before that he had made strong recommendations to Taib to have SUPP’s Bumiputera elected representatives to be appointed to the State Cabinet. But Dr Chan did not disclose the names of those he had recommended.


  1. kedua-dua nya (Dr.Jerip & Karim)layak jadi menteri / menteri muda... banyak post menteri kosong... apa nak banding-bandingkan dua tokoh ini... kedua-duanya wakil rakyat BN bah...

  2. Setuju benar dengan apa di kata oleh anonymous. Ski perlu nak banding banding. Kedua dua nya ada bakat tersendiri. Seorang Peguam dan seorang lagi doktor. Apa lagi nak dibanding banding? Tok lah pemimpin baru kita!

  3. Ball polisher and carrier ! I don't like karim although I am BN supporter.

  4. I think Datu Len can be a batter person..or try new faces..

  5. tutup jak Sebanaku Sarawak .... dah kurang laku .... nasib sik ado modai besar mun sik lingkup ................

  6. setuju pok..sebanaku tok lbh kurang sarawak talk..all nonsenses dalam tok..

  7. To be honest, those asking Sebanaku Sarawak to close down are immatured and downright childish. I totally disagree. Who are you people to say this kind of thing ?

    Sebanaku Sarawak is exercising the freedom of speech in a responsible manner as provided for in the Malaysian constitution. They are a well balanced blog, giving avenues for everyone to say their piece. They are not biased towards anybody. They report what the opposition said and what the government said. They do not have a patronising attitude, and as compared to most pro government and pro opposition blogs, Sebanaku Sarawak is a fair forum and they practice fair journalism and balanced reporting.

    Those people calling for it's closure are those who can't appreciate lest of all understand what fair and balanced reporting is all about. These people, be they in the government or opposition, are people who would not understand the importance of giving freedom for everyone to express their views.

    I must admit, in most of my writings, I am supportive of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ( not the ESTATE GOVERNMENT ) because I have my own stand. At the same time I respect those who have different views than mine because that is their right to differ. So to convince my views are better, I put up intellectual and factual arguments because that's the way it is. The argument that wins at the end of the day is on which is factually correct and intellectually sound. But having said that, I must still emphasise that I have respect for those views that are differ from mine and I try to win factually and intellectually. I respect those in the opposition but I will lay grounds to prove my views are correct. If they can show grounds that their views are better, maybe I'll try to digest some of their stand, also with the same respect that any civilised man should accord to one another.

    Therefore asking this blog to close is unbecoming and plainly immatured, to say the least. Respect the rights of others and they'll respect your rights as well, and this is an important foundation in any civilised society.

    Thank you

  8. ale.... tutup aje bah, si ibuh nak face saving...your blog is full of shit and rubbish...a waste of time bagus blog ngan cartoon aja!

  9. Close down your ass. This is free country. Who r u to say wanting to close it down ? Sebanaku S'wak will continue despite your barking, you idiot. And bark some more !! You BN people are full of ball carriers. Just like that lousy YB of PBB

  10. You are right bro. It shows the lousy BN people just can't stand free speech. So what about their blogs ? Should pro BN blogs be close too ? They are just capable of carrying the smelliest balls around.

    Not many like the CM anymore. But PBB people just know how to carry his balls. They are losing out, even the pro BN fence sitters hates that idiotic old man.

  11. kita jeles bah, mun beri peluang jangan kan pelir di angkat, nok semua pun lesap di kebas, si ibuh aja....buang masa aje... jung anak si nusu

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  13. You see ..having read all comments it appears that we are all being diverted to this real issue posted- why Karim can be a better minister compare to Dr Jerip..proven Sebanaku tok tempat melalut jak..wish we can have a portal where we can seriously voice and discuss whatever issues arising like why most KKLW projects in Sarawak goes to 3 companies only-Shorefield,Esawind and Citra Alti..

  14. Assalamkm. I am a Malay Muslim and BN supporter but I prefer Dr Jerip Susil more. He is a good man and a good doctor. He saved my uncle once after a game of sports. He is friendly but is not an excessive ball carrier like Karim. Dr Jerip can balance on what is a good PR exercise and what is a necessary action for doing government matters.

    Karim is only good at PR matters but not matters on leading the state and on economic matters, Karim is not very outstanding. Karim is good at apple polishing only. And PBB has many ministers so why add more to them.