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Sabah, Sarawak may lose oil, gas forever

Sabah, Sarawak may lose oil, gas forever
Luke Rintod | June 17, 2011

The two states have already experienced '100%' loss of their natural resources under the Umno-controlled Petronas, according to UBF.

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah and Sarawak will lose their oil and gas resources “forever” if the Petroleum Act 1974 is not amended, United Borneo Front (UBF) leader, Jeffrey Kitingan, said.

He said that the two states have already experienced “100% losses” of their oil and gas resources under the Petroleum Act.

He added that unless MPs and party leaders in the two states compel the federal government to amend the Act now, the states will “lose forever” their reserves.

He said both the Sabah and Sarawak governments have absolute rights to seek a review or even a repeal of the Petroleum Act.

“But whether the Petroleum Act itself is constitutional, given the position of Sabah arising from the Malaysia Agreement 1963 and the safeguards given to the state by the founding fathers of Malaysia, is debatable.

“If the Act is to be continued, Sabah and Sarawak should be entitled to nothing less than 50% of the profits derived from the oil and gas assets.

“The Sabah government should be entitled to a share in Petronas, given that the state is a stakeholder in the profits derived by Petronas compared to non-oil producing states.

“The monies invested by Petronas in Sudan, Iran, Iraq and other overseas ventures are derived partly from profits obtained from Sabah and Sarawak’s oil and gas assets.

“Similarly, profits from Sabah’s assets have helped Petronas establish its subsidiaries, some of which are now listed on Bursa Malaysia and generate more profits for Petronas ,” he said.

Urgent steps

Jeffrey said that so far the two states had not been benefiting from the oil-related industry and must take urgent steps to address the issue with the Barisan Nasional (BN) government.

If they failed to so, he said, both states will continue to lose rights to profits from oil and gas derived from their territories.

“In reality, Sabah and Sarawak have suffered a 100% loss of their oil and gas because under the Petroleum Act, all the oil and gas reserves in the states are lost forever… they are vested in Umno-controlled Petronas.

“In return, Petronas pays the state governments a measly and miserable 5% of the revenue reaped by Petronas.

“The 5% so-called oil royalties cannot adequately compensate the total loss of the oil and gas assets which, by right, should benefit all Sabahans and Sarawakians first and not Petronas,” Jeffrey said in a statement to FMT.

He said that the revenue of Petronas is based on operational profits and as such, it is a gross injustice to Sabahans and Sarawakians that they only get 5% of the profit while 95% of it goes to Petronas.

Jeffrey also said that in January 2011, Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman had announced that the state contributed 26.9% of the 637,000 barrels of crude oil produced per day in Malaysia.

“In the 2011 Sabah state budget, the chief minister projected the oil royalties (5%) to be RM721.7 million, of which all will be used for the annual expenditure of the state.

“Not a single sen is saved or invested for the future of Sabah and Sabahans.

“In Norway, the bulk of the oil revenue from its North Sea oilfields is saved and invested, making Norway one of the largest investors in the whole of Europe.”

“This means that every Norwegian owns the asset (oil) extracted long before he or she is born,” he said.


Jeffrey said that the oil and gas problem in Sabah and Sarawak was compounded by the lack of transparency in the dealings.

He added that there was also a lack of political will to establish an oil and gas industry, especially in Sabah.

“The latest arrangement to divert Sabah’s natural gas from Kimanis, Papar, to Bintulu, Sarawak, for processing is mind-boggling.

“The RM4 billion Kimanis-Bintulu gas pipeline and the billions spent on expanding the Bintulu LNG plant could very well have been invested in a new processing plant in Sabah where Sabahans could reap the benefits of the future spin-offs from such an investment,” Jeffrey said.


  1. Jeffrey Kitingan does not have a seat, not in the state assembly or in Parlaiment. And he leaps frog from one party to the other. And he changed his stance and mind so many times, that even now the devil does not know where Jeffrey Kitingan actually stands. He is unprincipled. His UBF is nothing but a mosquito party to the very least.

    And talking about Borneo, oh please. He only speaks for a " minority sabahan " which is the few hundreds members in his party and certainly not for the Sarawakians. And Jeffrey himself has lost almost every elections that he stood in, either in the state or parliament. Not many supports this chameleon. So much for a voice of no authority.

    Jeffrey has the audacity to teach Sarawakians on local issues in the last election when he does not have a single seat of his party in the DUM or Parliament. That's the problem with some Sabahan isn't it, they are a boastful lot.

  2. I support Jef statement here.Whether he has any seat or not is not the question.All benefits from Petronas derived from Sabah and Sarawak are all for Semenanjung wealth.Look at what happens during election campaigns.Money pours for Sabah Swk actually are their own money.

  3. I welcome all views and I respect them. But I will reserve my final views on this matter which will debunk all these misconception on oil royalties and the Petroleum Act 1974. I suggest that those giving their views should first of all look and study the relevant law which is the Petroleum Act first and get their facts right first. Lest that they may be embarrass late. They should dissect emotions and fictions with facts and reality. Meaning the legal position of the law. Jeffrey Kitingan is not a member of the legal fraternity and his views are self serving only, a strictly political view, nothing more nothing less.

    I'll give my final views later. So, I'll hear others views first.

    Thank you.

  4. Short title

    1. This Act may be cited as the Petroleum Development Act 1974.


    2. (1) The entire ownership in, and the exclusive rights, powers, liberties and privileges of exploring, exploiting, winning and obtaining petroleum whether onshore or offshore of Malaysia shall be vested in a Corporation to be incorporated under the Companies Act 1965 or under the law relating to incorporation of companies.

    (2) The vesting of the ownership, rights, powers, liberties and privileges referred to in subsection (1) shall take effect on the execution of an instrument in the form contained in the Schedule to this Act.

    6 Laws of Malaysia ACT 144

    (3) The ownership and the exclusive rights, powers, liberties and privileges so vested shall be irrevocable and shall enure for the benefit of the Corporation and its successor.

    The Corporation

    3. (1) Notwithstanding section 22 of the Companies Act 1965, relating to the names of companies, the Corporation shall be styled as the Petroleum Nasional Berhad or in short form PETRONAS.

    (2) The Corporation shall be subject to the control and direction of the Prime Minister who may from time to time issue such direction as he may deem fit.

    (3) Notwithstanding the provisions of the Companies Act 1965 or any other written law to the contrary, the direction so issued shall be binding on the Corporation.

    Powers of the Corporation

    3A. (1) In addition to all the powers of the Corporation as prescribed in its Memorandum and Articles of Association, the Corporation shall have the power to take over or acquire by agreement, assignment, purchase or by any other means the whole or any part of any commercial undertaking, business or enterprise of whatever form of any person or body of persons (corporate or unincorporate) and carry out or enter into any activity, whether mentioned in this Act or not, which prior to such taking over or acquisition was carried out by, and for the purpose of, that undertaking, business or enterprise.

    (2) The powers conferred on the Corporation under subsection

    (1) shall be in addition to and not in derogation of any of the rights, powers, liberties, privileges and benefits conferred on the Corporation by this Act or any other written law.

  5. something to think and sarawakian, we should consider this issues as important as our mother's pride...but for malaysian, we hope the allocation are to be allocated fairly and accurately......

  6. Apa nak hairan, Swak telah hilang banyak royaliti minyak kemudiannya gas sejak 1963 lagi. Sudah 48 tahun penubuhan Malaysia dengan Sarawak dan Sabah dalamnya, royaliti tetap 5%. Dalam jangka masa 48 tahun itu, jika dinaikkan sedikit pun kepada 10% misalnya, Swak dan Sabah tidak seperti hari ini, sudah jauh lebih maju. Tapi apa yang ada, dalam 48 tahun ini, miskin tegar pun kerajaan BN yang sedia ada masih tercungap2 nak menanganinya, apatah lagi menghapuskannya.

    Hasil di dalam bumi dan di atas bumi di Sabah dan Swak, dikikiskan habis2 oleh pemenrintah sedia ada. Untuk rakyat, byk mana yg kita dpt? Itu pun, berpuluh2 tahun BN selesa memerintah negara ini dengan mandat yg tidak berbelah bagi drpd rakyat. Hanya belakangan, dengan kehadiran KEADILAN dan kesepakatan dalam Pakatan Rakyat, baru kita melihat pemimpin pemerintah buka mata sedikit. Itu pun, masih dolak dalih sana sini. Macam2 alasan dan cara "haram" untuk menghalalkan tindakan mereka. Rakyat masih memberikan kepercayaan kpd BN walaupun berkurangan daripada dahulu.

    Jadi, salah siapa? Mana ada "pemimpin" Swak dan Sabah benar2 buka mulut dan berkeras untuk mendapatkan lebih tinggi royaliti hasil bumi kita. Mereka sudah mendapatkan habuan masing2, kekenyangan, kekayaan dan kemewahan hidup hasil drpd mandat rakyat yang mengangkatkan mereka sebagai "pemimpin". Rakyat masih terus tidak terbela.

    "Pemimpin" BN selama ini sentiasa dalam zon selesa. Apapun kelentong dan auta mereka kepada rakyat, rakyat tetap percaya. Mandat terus diberikan. Mana ada tempat bagi pemimpin jujur dan ikhlas dalam BN? Jika lawan, nahaskau. Mulut semua sudah disuapkan dan ditutupkan dengan kekayaan yang diperahkan drpd bumi kita.

    Jadi, jika rakyat masih terus memberikan mandat kepadalanun dan penyamun ini, sampai bila2 pun kita masih berada di takuk lama. Jika nak pasrah, pasrah sajalah. Jika naik harga barang itu dan ini, usah merungut, terima saja kerana kita yang berikan mereka kuasa dan mandat untuk terus menindasi kita.

    Bahagialah kita dan reda sajalah apa2 saja untung nasib kita di bawah BN. Jika ada akal pun, biarlah akal itu mati dalam tempurung kepala saja.

  7. Analogi paling mudah. Harta kita punya, hak kita, yang belanja lebih2 orang lain. Jika kita nak belanja, kena minta drpd org. Begitulah keadaan harta dan hasil di dalam dan di luar bumi Swak dan Sabah.

    Analogi lain, kita yang bercucuk tanam, tanaman subur, malangnya orang lain yang menuai. Kita hanya dapat bahagian kecil dlm hasil titik peluh kita bercucuk tanam. Pendek kata, kita yang susah payah, orang lain yang senang lenang.

    Logik atau tidak, drpd hasil bumi itu kita hanya dapat 5%? Atas nama apa? Atas nama FEDERALISME. Tidak dapatkah kerajaan pusat belas kasihan sedikit kepada rakyat Swak dan Sabah? Jika kerajaan pusat sudah tahu Swak dan Sabah masih bergelut dengan masalah kemiskinan rakyat dan pembangunan yang tertinggal jauh, kasihanilah kita dengan menyalurkan lebih byk peruntukan dengan menambahkan sedikit (5%) lagi royaliti hasil bumi kepada 10%?

    Lihat sekarang ini, "pemimpin" BN bukan main lagi turun naik ke Swak dan Sabah. Sebab apa? Talian hayat UMNO/BN di Semenanjung bergantung pada Swak dan Sabah. Kerusi Parlimen Swak dan Sabahlah yang menyelamatkan BN belakangan ini. Mereka konfiden mengisytiharkan Swak dan Sabah aset tetap BN dlm politik.

    Apabila bahang dan panas terasa memanaskan tubuh badan BN, barulah mereka turun naik dan kerap turun ke Swak dan Sabah. Tidakkah kita nampak "ketidakjujuran" mereka di sini? Ertinya, rakyat Swak dan Sabah dipergunakan selama ini oleh BN.

    Jika dari sekarang, rakyat Swak dan Sabah tidak sedar2, sampai bila2 pun kita tidak akan berubah. Apa yang kita takut nak jatuhkan BN? Rugikah kita? Mati melaratkah kita? Ajar BN betul2, biar mereka buka mata luas2.

  8. Kedua dua penulis post d atas prasaan sorang dirik. Keadilan cerminlah muka diripun. U bergantung nyawa dengan PAS jak, u sik sedar dirik kah ? Ada u menang by election S'manjung baru baru tok ? Brapa org pemimpin yg dah ninggal keadilan ya ? Berduyun duyun. Klak next election, u orang akan hilang Selangor jadi ibh nak berangan angan gilak. By the way, brapa org kitak yang kalah di Swak tok ? Kitak org sik ada calon spare kah, banyak pakae re-cycled candidate, urang yg banyak kali kalah dolok bah ?
    Ukur jak baju u dolok sebelum angan-2 dasyat.

  9. Jefry Kitingan also left Keadilan Sabah. He can't stand their nonsense. How about that ? : ) !!!!

  10. All these while the distribution of developments between the Peninsula and Borneo Malaysian States are inequitable and unfair. There is no doubt that some revenues shall be channeled back to Sabah and Sarawak for developments but the amounts which deem fir are smaller. Why? The patent reasons are the two leaders from these two states are just puppets. Sarawak did not cry so much because for want of maintaining his post as KM, he is willing to quite for ever

  11. Kah!Kah!Kah! Dah nak manas. Buah anggur buah nanas, baruk ditegur, dah nak manas. Yalah fe'el kitak BN. You lupak pok. Undi popular BN Swak turun mendadak. Kerusi kalah 16 buah. PKR nait dari 1 kerusi ke 3 kerusi. DAP kepd 12 kerusi. Bebas 1 kerusi. Pelagus kerusi selamat BN, tapi kalah. PRK Bandar Sibu, kerusi Parlimen terjun sigik agik. Undi popular BN Swak drpd 62%++ terjun ke 55%++. Apa you nak bangga. Ya tanda2 awal BN Swak akan terjun dlm PRU 13 kelak. Jgn mimpi nak ambik Selangor. Apatah lagi PP, Kltn, Kedah. Jangan2 byk gik negeri akan terjun. Keh!Keh!Keh! Bos you Najib sik lelap tido. Hi!Hi!Hi! Barang nait kau jak gago. Keh!Keh!Keh! Minyak nait kau juak bisin. Kah!Kah!Kah! Iboh manas pok. Relaks jak bah. Klak kita nangar PRU13. Byk ni BN dpt nahan kerusi. Berdoa jak kau byk2.

  12. Kah!Kah!Kah! Hi!Hi!Hi! Keh!Keh!Keh! Aku numpang tetak juak. Bena kata kau pok. Sik guna nasihat sidak BN ya. Muang masa jak. Sik sidak maok nengar nasihat. Sidak Bn ya pande2. Bijak agik ya. ni nya maok nengar kelaka kita tuk. Maklum jak, kita urang kpg tuk sik tau ulu ilir. Suko atinya molah jak. Sik hal juaklah.

  13. Samo2 kito doa, rega minyak nait dari RM1.90 ke RM5.00. Rega gas nait ke RM60.00 setong. Gulo nait ke RM4.00 sekilo. Nait jgn sik nait. Trima jak apo2 nak dipolah sidak BN. Redo jak. Dah nak rayo tuk, nait jgn sik nait. Rugi sik nait. Rakyat Swak tuk pasrah jak. BN kerajaan yg terhebat di dunio. Mun nait gik rego barang, jgn bisin, muang maso jak. Sidak BN ado ajak alasannya. Logikkah sik logikkah, trima jak. Kito milih sidak nyo. Mandat diberik rakyat. Hanyo sanyo BN jak dpt melo nasib rakyat. Horei!

  14. Mun nak tauk kuat kah sik pembangkang dan PR Selangor, sila lihat by election baruk tuk. Sila lihat tinjauan bebas poll dan sila lihat statement Mat Sabu tentang BN dan PR. Mat Sabu pun gik sik confident yg PR boleh defend Selangor. Ya nya pegang pada realiti semasa.

    Jadi PR dan PKR yg berkata sitok iboh mimpi. Dan sebenarnya PR menang 15 kerusi di S'wak bukan 16. Jangan bahlol gilak hingga sik tauk metamatik. Cuba suruh PR bubar Selangor kinek tok gak, mun nya berani. Sidak PKR nang sik terimak realiti. Gago ngan slogan kosong. Apa dibangga u ngan 3 kerusi ya. Yg B;kalalan ya menang majoriti 300 jak. Banyak dah pemimpin PKR ninggal parti ya. U urang bila gik ? : ) Jefry Kitingan pun dah lamak ninggal PKR. Sik tahan bah dgn perangae boss top yu ya. Gago sik amuk resign. Pemimpin dunia pembangkang dh lamak resign krana seks skandal. Tuk terhegeh hegeh.

  15. Wee Chee Keong, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, Dtk Salehudin Hashim, ( setiausaha agung ya boss ) Sulaiman Abdullah ( ya org warak, jangan dianoknya ninggal Keadilan ), Zulkifli Nordin, dan bnyk gik. Lenguh tangan tok nulis semua. 35 org kah ? Sapa gik ? Mungkin Tan Sri Khalid nak ikut ndak ? Dtk Johari Abdul ya hampir pasti nak keluar, nya dah nanggar video boss nya dan tetak nya nangar video ya. bagus kita nangar video boss keadilan lam tuk jak, waht say u ?

  16. Org keadilan ya bahlol, rega minyak nait, ya rega minyak dunia. ya pasaran dunia, jadi sik boleh seluruh dunia nait, m'sia ngak sik nait. Rega minyak bukan kerajaan control, ya rega nait seluruh dunia.
    Rega gula nait, ya pun rega dunia, kita meli gula dari Philipine juak, brapa ngak gula yg ditanam kita di m'sia tok ? Mun pembangkang sik tauk ekonomi dunia, iboh nak mbodoh org lain. Bodo kan dirik pun cukuplah.

  17. Pegi luar negara nun. Check hargo barang2 ya. Mun compare 1:1, nang kita mpun mahal. Ron95 kita 1.90, luar negara dlm 1.30-1.60 jak. Mun convert duit malaysia, mahal lah jadinya. Tapi mun kita earn in foreign currency dan diam di oversea nun, kan kah gik murah ya berbanding msia....

  18. federal govt sometimes make me feel like 's#it'.

  19. A great jurist George Bernard Shaw once said "..If you differ with someone, say it with courage, say it with firm and candour and say it with politeness. You don't have to be rude in dissenting..."

    I urge readers to be free to express their views but to be respectful of others and to refrain from using foul words or languages. An expression of words in one indicator of a person's personality.

    I see many views in this forum but if it may, I would describe them to be misguided to some extent.

    I look foward to read more views before I lay down mine.



  20. Undi popularc turun teruk kenak sik ambik kira pok. Baco betoi2. Aku madah 12 DAP, PKR 3, Bebas 1. sik ada aku madah PR menang 16 kerusi. Kau tuyuk n paloi sik pande maca. Ngembak ati manas, lalu sik tentu pasal. Sidak nak keluar PKR ya, urang frust menongeng. PKR parti beresi, sik maok urang macam sidak nak kluar ya. Mun UMNO maok, ambik jak. Mun PBB maok, boleh bebagi dgn UMNO. ambik sikit sorang. Apa macam YAB KM Swak kenak beku aset di Switzerland? SPRM dah jenguk Pejabat Ketua Menteri. Apa cerita pok? Yakah pemimpin BN/PBB nak dibangga2kan.

    Yalah kata orang; ada mata sik pake ndiat, ada telinga sik pake nengar, ada akal sik pake pikir, ada hati sik maok paham. Nasib2. Untunglah BN dpt urang macam nak dibuang dari PKR ya. Pemimpin sik laku agik. Sik dpt carik makan dalam PKR/PR, keluar jak, ni tauk BN/UMNO maok meri seringgit duak. Jadilah pake meli rokok gudang garam. Asal ada oklah.

    PKR/PR masih kukuh n begaya. Mun PKR/PR sik kuat, apo guno nyerang macam2. Aku ada nangar video beberapa pemimpin BN/UMNO molah keja pelik2 juak. Sapa sik tauk Rahim Tambi Chik. Nak jadi berua video seks ya. Kaji lok latar belakang Rahim ya masanya jadi KM Melaka dolok. Ada apa2 nak dibanggakah?

    Sapa2 dah kenyang kenak tupik dlm BN/UMNO/PBB, ni dpt nak bunyi lagi. Berani melawan, siap kau. Dari dolok BN ndang macam ya. Sapa2 masuk BN/UMNO/PBB, mesti kayalah. Konco2 n kroni2nya walaupun sekadar ketua ranting, bukan main lagi begaya idup sidaknya. Wow! Hebat! Luar biasa! Penuh poketlah, katakan.

    Mulut dah kenak kunci pok. Apa nak dikelaka agik. Maok sik maok, sokong jaklah. Takut poket nipis klak mun melawan. Senario biasa dlm BN/UMNO/PBB. Hebat!Hebat!Hebat! HIDUP BN!!!!!

  21. Sikit gilak rego barang nait yo. Byk agik, baruk bagus. Cadangan: Gulo = RM6.00 sekilo, Petrol RON95 = RM7.00 selitar, RON97 = RM9.00 selitar, gas = RM120.00 setong dll; semoa kenak nait. Jangan alang2. Rugi perentah kelak. Rakyat sanggup bekorban apa saja demi BN.

    Ni ado kerajaan lain dalam dunyo tuk sebagus BN? silap mun madah BN sik bagus. Sapa2 madah BN sik bagus, ya urang sik sekolah ya. BN nait barang bukan apo, dpt duit pake molah jamban banyak2; pake nyimpan taik.

    Jasa BN cukup luar biasa. Sik ado sapo dlm dunyo tuk brani madah BN kerajaan sik guno. Obama pun salute ngan BN. Takut Osama bila nengar nama pemimpin agung BN. Mun Amerika dah takut, negara lain telah lagik. Mahathir (bekas PM BN) misalnya, patut dilantik jadi Setiausaha Agung PBB atau CEO Bank Dunia. Mata sidak Amerika ya sik nangarkah tesangat pandenya Mahathir. Rugi dunyo sik ngambik urang macam Mahathir. Pemimpin agung abad ke 20. Ranking top you.

    Taib munnya berenti jadi CM, ambiknya jadi Setiausaha Agung PBB. Malaysia mesti ncalonnya. Rugi mun sik ncalon. Amerika mesti setuju. Ndak boleh ndak setuju. Amerika pun takut ngan Malaysia tuk. Obama mun besalam ngan Najib, cium tangan you. Begegar palak tut Obama mun bedepan ngan Najib. Hebat sungguh.

  22. Orang yg ninggal PKR tok bukannya org miskin tapi banyak yg kaya. Ya lah sidak PKR sik mauk nerimak hakikat. Boss sidak nya ya liabiliti. Banyak agik org nak ninggal parti kian runtuh ya. Cm tok jak, kinek tok sidak bahlol ya memuji org org dlm PKR ya. Bila sidak org ya keluar klak, ya mula lah dikeji nak tentu pasal. Oi berutak lah sikit. Sidak pemimpin yg masuk PKR dolok dah kaya, Zaid Ibrahim ada firma guaman terbesar di M'sia, ada bangunan nya pun di Kelantan. Apa yg nak dikejarnya lam PKR dolok. Kekayaan jauh sekali. Nya nak nyumbang lam PKR tapi di tipu dlm election PKR ya. PAS pun ada negur pemilihan parti PKR, tapi bahlol Azmin sik mauk nengar. Aku nanyak kinek tok kitak org suk ngan Mustapha Kamil Ayub krana nya masih lam PKR. Sik ada pun nya kaya. Mun nya ninggal PKR esok kita org nak ngejinya kah ? Ya resam org bodoh. Wee Chee Keong dah berduit sebelum masuk PKR. Nya sik dapat apa apa lam PKR. Nya ninggal PKR krana sik tahan ngan boss kitak org ya.
    Bagus kita org nangar video boss kitak org lam tok. Nak join kah ? Kah! kah ! kah ! Ya baruk transparen. Semua yg ada lam boss u ya boleh ditangar org.
    Mat Sabu pada tahun 1995 ngelar boss kitak orang " al Juburi "

  23. Ari tok Johari Abdul masih ahli PKR. Mun nya keluar esok, mesti dikeji dan dituduh macam macam ndak ? Kita org tauk kah berapa org YB PKR ya nak ninggal PKR. Jgn terkejut terkedu kedu klak nanggar sapa keluar. :)

    Yg nyebut rega gula ya, sebut jak u sorang sorang. Mun u nak meli rega gula rega minyak mahal cam ya, meli jak u sorang sorang. Rega gas kah ? Ya pikiran org sik belajar skolah. Sik ada fakta. Jgn nak jadi bodo gilak, dan mbodo org. Sik akan rega ya nait macam dikata org bodo ya. Meli jak u sorang sorang rega yg u sebut ya, klak senyum tokey Cina nanggar u nak mayar lebih.

  24. Sdra yg tulis hentam BN di atas yg kata harga minyak dan gas naik sekian, sekian.

    Sila bagi fakta. Jgn nak bagi imagination yg bukan bukan. Mana ada gula naik RM6/- gas naik RM120/- setong dan RON 95 naik RM7/- seliter dan RON 97 naik RM9/- seliter.

    Saya pengundi atas pagar, jadi Sdra sdra yg nak bagi komen sokong PKR tak apa tapi jangan membodohkan kami. Kami melihat fakta dan point betul. Cuba ambil iktibar baik dari beberapa Sdra kita yg tulis di forum ini dan forum lain. Mereka cakap berhemah, sopan santun dan berfakta betul. Ingat rakyat juga menilai pembangkang, bukan parti BN saja.