Friday, June 24, 2011

DUN (Day Three): Wong not happy being told to go back to China

DAP rep upset over racist remarks made during his speech
Posted on June 24, 2011, Friday

WONG King Wei (DAP-Padungan) is upset over racist remarks made towards him during the delivery of his maiden speech at DUN yesterday.

He was speaking on the issue of statewide transportation system when he chose to cite example of China's advanced transportation system and questioned when the state will have our very own railway.

Wong then congratulated China for the upcoming launch of their Beijing-Shanghai high speed railway.
During his speech, faint shouts were heard over the live recording which he pointed out to the DUN Speaker Dato Sri Mohd Asfia Awang Nassar was racist in nature.

"This is racist. I'm in Malaysia, born in Malaysia, I am a Malaysian.

"Withdraw the statement please," Wong demanded to the other side of the chamber, while requesting that the Speaker switch on the microphone of the person(s) who made the remarks.

Asfia urged him to continue his speech and he continued touching on electricity, treated water supply, centralised sewage system and exorbitant tuition fees imposed by a private universities.

Later in the evening, at around 4:45pm, Wong posted on his Facebook Wall, decrying his experience.

"I gave my very first speech this morning at the Dewan Undangan Negeri and was asked by a BN member to go back to China. This is blatant racist!" said Wong on his Facebook Wall.

The post drew angry response from netizens who also slammed the remarks and chastising the BN member who supposedly uttered the words.


  1. stupid yb. if you think china is so great, then apply for citizenship. then you will know how bad is the situation there. do you know that the china government will normally shoot people like you? that is y the government can do anything they want! stupid yb. if you take uk or usa for an example, may be acceptable. but china???!!! bodoh!!!

  2. I think YB Wong has a misconception on economics. I am not pro BN or anti opposition or pro opposition. But citing China and the Beijing Shanghai railway and comparing or asking why Sarawak should not have one shows his naive knowledge or poor and unsound knowledge on the economics of transportation.

    Why ? First of all the distance between Beijing and Shanghai demands such railway. Secondly why is the YB so ignorant on the issue of profits in economics matters ? I 'm baffled. Has anyone not taught him sufficiently on that ?

    China built the railway becauase the huge number of people using the railway will bring in quick returns in terms of money and cost recovery of building the railway net. Imagine millions using the railway. If we build one in Sarawak along with that expensive Chinese model, then how are we going to recover the cost in future ? And the maintenance cost as well ? Do we have large volume of railway users in Sarawak to ensure profitability of the project ? The answer to all that is we don't. Sarawak has a small population of 2 million, only 50% are adults and not all are frequently travelling between cities or towns. For example we don't see many sarawakians working in Sibu but commuting to Kuching every day for work. And since not many are like that then how do we get profits from the railway business. In China, there are hundreds of thousands of people living in Beijing and working in Shaghai and vice versa commuting for work every day. That brings profit to their railway.

    So before YB Wong implores on such a ridiculous proposal and plans in future Dewan proceedings, I certainly hope he can be more rational and factual enough in saying something which is economically feasible for Sarawak. Otherwise he will be making a fool of himself and a luaghing stock for ridicule.

    Thank you