Friday, June 24, 2011

DUN (Day Three): Collaborators are traitors, says Sagah

Posted on June 24, 2011, Friday

SARAWAKIANS found to be actively collaborating with foreigners to make outrageous and false allegations against the state government and its leaders should be strongly condemned, said Roland Sagah Wee Inn (BN-Tarat).

"There have been attempts by foreigners of late to interfere with the internal affairs of the state, destabilise the state government and undermine its leaders who are elected through the democratic process and carried out in accordance with the federal constitution and election laws," he said.

He was referring to foreign bodies like the Bruno Manser Fund (BMF), British reporter Claire Rewcastle and others, whom he said were self-appointed persons whose agenda was to damage the state and disrupt peace, stability and progress in the state.
"Their activities amount to foreign interferences in our state and also amount to attacking our sovereignty and capabilities to conduct and manage our own affairs as an independent state," he said in his speech when debating the address of the Head of State yesterday.

Sagah said it was known that there were Sarawakians who actively collaborated with the foreigners in London, and elsewhere and even within the state under anonymous cover.

"They do so without any mandate from the people. They live and operate from overseas, enjoy the hospitality and comfort offered by the host countries, and become the mouth pieces and stooges of foreign interests."

"I urge all honourable members of this august house to join me in strongly condemning these people who are traitors of the state," he added.

Sagah opined that if these people truly loved Sarawak and had the interest of the state and people at heart, they should be courageous enough to come back, live in the state and serve the people.

"Why remain active and work as stooges and mouth-pieces of foreigners, who have never done anything beneficial for the state and whose intention are to destroy the state and re-colonise Sarawak," he asked.

In this regard, he urged the august house and the people to stand up strongly and steadfastly against all foreign interferences in the affairs of the state.

He suggested that action be taken against all those who collaborated with the foreigners whose intention were to smear the reputation of the state, the government and its democratically elected leaders.

On a separate issue, Sagah suggested that the government, through the relevant security agencies, to closely monitor social networks in the Internet for abuse.

"Being Internet savvy is good and can hasten communications. Social networks and blogs are popular sites especially among the younger generation.

"However, like many other things, these modes of communications are subject to abuse and lately, the sites were used to spread false allegations and propaganda. It was used to defame people especially politicians and even in some cases used to threaten people," he said.

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