Friday, June 24, 2011

DUN (Day Three): Abdullah appeals for basic infrastructure, amenities for Pulau Bruit

Abdullah appeals for basic infrastructure, amenities for Pulau Bruit
Posted on June 24, 2011, Friday

SEMOP assemblyman Abdullah Saidol has called on the government to look seriously into providing basic infrastructure and amenities like roads, electricity and water supply in Pulau Bruit.

Speaking at the State Legislative Assembly yesterday, Abdullah said development in his constituency could pick up tremendously if communication infrastructure and basic amenities were upgraded in the area.

“We can then attract investors, boost the economy, the income and uplift the standard of living in my area.”

“As the area is within the vicinity of SCORE and Tanjung Manis industries, it will also stimulate further economic activities especially in the Halal Hub,” he stressed.

He added the proposed agropolitan project planned for Pulau Bruit would be costly and impractical to implement without good infrastructure and basic amenities.

Abdullah noted that there was great potential for swiftlets farming and boat making from wood based or fibre glass materials in Semop.

He also appealed for more rural clinics, recreational amenities, community halls and sport facilities to be built in this rural constituency.

“Most people in Semop fully support BN government and the opposition has no place in the area for it is evident that they
had lost miserably lost in the last state election,” he said.

The people of Semop deserved more help from the government to reciprocate their support, he added.


  1. tido ka dolah pub tok??? cek dolok ngan yb norah sebelum nak memalukan yb norah.

  2. ko ya la bodo..apa standard ko ya..? Nya wakil rakyat, apa salah nya nak menyuara kehendak rakyat..sekurang-kurang YB kamek bersuara lantang di DUN..bukan mcm ko ya..mcm tin kosong..tauk nak ngannok org jak..hidup ko pun sik terurus..Setakat jadi org suruhan di ofis jak..ko ingat kamek sik tauk sapa ko ya..kamek org tauk sapa ko ya..setakat tok kamek bersabar dgn maki hamun pada YB kamek tapi jgn sampei kamek bertindak..malu besar ko kelak..urus hidup ko pun dolok..jgn ko fikir ko kebal ok..ko belum jumpa buku ngan ruas..