Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DUN (Day Six): Awang Tengah: Sama Jaya to enjoy round-the-clock water supply

Posted on June 28, 2011, Tuesday

THE Ministry of Industrial Development (MID) has completed the construction of three units of elevated water reservoirs at Sama Jaya Free Economic Zone in May this year with a federal grant of RM17 million.

These elevated water reservoirs will increase the availability of water from the current 12 hours to 24 hours for the hi-tech park, said Minister of Planning and Resource Management Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hasan on behalf of the Minister of Industrial Development during his winding-up speech at the State Legislative Assembly (DUN)yesterday.

He also revealed that MID was also implementing three projects under federal loans, namely Samarahan Industrial Estate (extension) phase one, Tebedu Industrial Estate phase one and Miri Biovalley Park.

The Minister of Public Utilities also said the Samarahan Industrial Estate extension project covering an area of 300 acres commenced in August 2007 and was completed in February this year.

He also said the infrastructure for electricity supply to the industrial estate was scheduled to be completed by end of next year.

For Tebedu Industrial Estate phase one, Awang Tengah said the estate would cover an area of 215 acres and was earmarked for general industries.

“Started in 2007, the construction is expected to be completed by December 2011,” he said, adding that the project was delayed by 12 per cent due to the large quantity of rocks that had to be blasted.

He also touched on the Miri Biovalley Park, saying the site had been sand fi lled.

“The building and associated works will commence as soon as federal funding is available. Once completed, the park will be able to assist SMEs,” he said.

For state projects, Awang Tengah said the four industrial estates currently implemented under state funding were Lawas Industrial Estate phase one, Demak Laut Industrial Park phase four, Kota Samarahan Industrial Estate Zone C and Kapit Light Industrial Estate.

He further explained that the Lawas Industrial Estate covering a total area of 75 acres was earmarked for general light industries.

“The project is being implemented in stages since Nov 2008. The preliminary works under stage one and two had been completed in August 2010,” he said, adding that the remaining infrastructure works for the project consisting of roads, drainage and water supply under stage three were scheduled for the third quarter of this year.

For the 177-acre Demak Laut Industrial Park, he said it was earmarked for logistics and warehousing industries.

“Stage one of the construction has commenced since Sept 2010 and is expected to be completed in Dec 2011,” he added.

He also said the project was five per cent ahead of schedule and the tender for the remaining works under stage two of the project was scheduled to be called in the third quarter of this year.

For the Kota Samarahan Industrial Estate Zone C which covers an area of 65 acres, he said it was designated for the food processing industry and was scheduled to be completed by Aug next year, with a physical progress of two per cent ahead of schedule. Awang Tengah also said the Kapit Light Industrial Estate was a continuation of the industrial development in Kapit.

“The Ministry will be developing an area of 40 acres to cater for food processing and other related industries where tender for the works is scheduled to be called in the last quarter of 2011,” he added.

“To date, more than 4,300 hectares of industrial land have been developed throughout the state by the ministry and other agencies such as Bintulu Development Authority and Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation in Tanjung Manis,” he added.

He also said the ministry would develop more industrial estates to meet investors’ needs.

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