Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Are we, Sarawakians, to be conned by Anwar to give our votes to Semenanjung parties?

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is a very amazing man who has a superb ability to convince people to believe what he wants them to believe.

Throw him to any where in this world, he would certainly survive. This is an undeniable fact which is known to all, especially those who are following his political career.

In his younger days, he was a Malay chauvinist who would not mince his words when condemning the non-Malays – be it Chinese, Indians, Dayaks.

To him, the Malays were the supreme race in Malaysia; and therefore the rights of the Malays must be protected at all costs.

It was this 'chauvinism' which had helped him to successfully kill off many of his opponents in Umno. His opponents in the party were less Malay than him, he told his supporters.

At that time, many of his supporters in and outside Umno regarded him as the true defender of the Malay supremacy in Malaysia.

However, he lost in the power struggle with the then Umno president Tun Mahathir Mohamad.

And now, the very person, who claimed to be the Malay defender in the past, is now questioning the special rights of the Malays and Bumiputera in the constitution.

When he was in UMNO, he condemned PAS for claiming those who voted for PAS would go to heaven.

But now, he says it is okay because PAS is with PKR - meaning those who voted  for PKR would also join PAS members in heaven.

May be it could be summed up that, to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, his principle in politics is “NO PRINCIPLE”.

As long as this “NO PRINCPLE” approach could help him to get what he wants, he has no problem with it.

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim likes to tell everybody that PKR fights injustice - but what has been done to address the injustice in the party resulting in many of the party hardcore members left the party???

Why talk about injustice outside the party when there is no attempt to address the injustice inside the party???
Are we, the Sarawakians, to be conned by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to give our votes to PKR, PAS and DAP in this election?


  1. I'm sorry but I'll never vote or like him.

  2. Sorry , ur reasoning should be better than that !! Right thinking people will look at the bigger picture of change which is a must . Its not about individuals such as Anwar , Najib or Taib . Me thinking about change with or without Anwar , Najib or Taib . Justice , accountability and transparency is utmost importance !! If we need to get rid all 3 of them , for the benefit of the masses why not !! Rakyat Own This Country !!!

  3. Sometimes malu juak when I chat with my friends overseas , like why we are so engrossed with Anwar problems with Saiful etc , Najib with with Atantuya etc . Taib no comment coz allegations against him ada substance with documented proof from e.g SSM ada nama nya as shareholder or director ! Why not focus masaalah RAKYAT ?? Efficient public transport , more public hospitals etc . Banyak gik problem rakyat we should take care . Macam we talk about Kuching city , masih juak ada rakyat with no electricity and clean water !! Barang asas gitok patut diutarakan oleh both sides . Tok sik , gago hal Anwar sex lives atau Najib affair . Buat masa jak . Remember Rakyat Own This Country !!

  4. policies and people first, education and higher pay the main priorities

  5. 01:47am, you should go check your head. leaders play important role in a community. good or bad a community will be, depends a lot on the leaders. if leaders not important, then why can't we get mentally retarded men to be our leaders? stupid moron. think with you head and not with your knee.

  6. anwar terlalu banyak muka,depan india cakap lain,melayu cakap lain,cina cakap lain,depan muslim petik ayat quran,hadis,nama yusuf qardawi,belakang muslim jual nama islam,bejoget2.ini anwar otak suda tada betul.

  7. Dont worry... Anwar will go straight to Jail after this Sarawak Election. If PR win more than 8 seats, for Sure Anwar will straight to the Jail.. dont want him to disturb next PRU.. no compromise...

  8. Are we, Sarawakians, have been corned by Taib Mahmud for the last 30 years. And we, Sarawakians, want to be corned again by Taib Mahmud and BN for another 5 years or 30 years.

  9. 2.38am ,typical style of old politics . Cepat marah and names calling .What I am saying is in genaral , if the 3 mentioned leaders are not competence , we must move on with new leaders . The work of improving the lives of the masses must go on ,whether from Pembangkang or BN .Anywhere , appreciate your comments 2.38am .

  10. Slamming each other does not benefit anyone. I once went to the old ADUN for public viewing,it was worse than pasar Satok.

    Both Gov.(whoever will be in power soon) and the Opposition should just calm down,let their egoes go and really listen to each other and debate policies for the People properly,then Sarawak can maju lah.

  11. KECOH DI MERPATI org PKR menyamar sebagai petugas SPR,dengan kad kuasa sekali tetapi tak ada gambar.Wau sampai TIPU.Nasib BN dah menang.Rakyat Sarawak memang bijak pilih parti untuk memerintah.ANWAR balik main tutt.... sajalah.

  12. kerja PKR nipu jak. tapi sik malu nuduh BN nipu.

  13. do not worry about taib. take good care of your family. you should be thankful for being malaysian.