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Is Pakatan losing Malay supports in Malaya?

Wed, 22 Dec 2010 06:24

By Zainal Epi

KUALA LUMPUR: The recently concluded Pakatan Rakyat national convention showed up one significant fact: Pakatan is losing its Malay supporters who had voted for the coalition in the 2008 general election.

This is evident when Malay members of the three parties – DAP, PKR and PAS – were seen whispering among themselves outside the venue about the Pakatan leaders. Their opinions were not favourable.

The convention was seen as an ideal platform for Pakatan to consolidate its position to face the Barisan Nasional in the looming general election.

The only good that came out of the convention was the joint resolution adopted to strengthen unity and co-operation among the partners, particularly in view of the coming Tenang state seat by-election.

The leaders of the three parties had spoken their minds, but for supporters outside the hall, there were some disapproving nods.

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng's speech especially did not go down well with the crowd when he described supporters and voters of BN and readers of a popular Malay daily as “Rakyat Malaysia celup” or fake Malaysians.

Many Malays who had supported Pakatan in 2008 were disillusioned with Guan Eng's speech which they regarded as “an insult to their race” and “out of place”.

The Malays thought the DAP would be more mellowed now that it is flanked by Malay-based PAS and Malay-based but multi-racial PKR.

They had high hopes that DAP would be more sensitive to the feelings of the Malays despite it being a Chinese-based party. It appeared that they had misplaced their trust.

There were looks of disgust when PAS and PKR leaders remained silent over the speech. This had further cast “doubts” on the ability of the three partners to work together.

Malays 'feeling jittery'

Malay voters who had backed Pakatan are sensitive when it comes to Malay issues despite their differences with the ruling Umno-BN.

The Malays in PKR especially are now “feeling jittery” over the future of de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim with his ongoing sodomy trial.

PKR's image was also tarnished with allegations of foul play in its month-long party polls which saw one of its top guns Zaid Ibrahim quitting in disgust.

In DAP, its state elections in Selangor and Perak witnessed a “silent protest” of its members who may ignore the party’s call for unity in the coming general election.

In PAS, the friction between the old stalwarts and young leaders still exists despite the unity front put up.

Given such a scenario, there is a danger of a backlash against Pakatan in the Tenang polls in Johor.

If Pakatan were to lose again, the margin of defeat will be the yardstick to guage whether the loose alliance still has the support of the Malays.

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  1. cakap bukan main besar gik anwar jobor ya. bebulak ngan orang sarawak madah pkr ya parti yang kuat dan popular di malaya. orang malaya pun dah nulak pkr, kenak orang sarawak maok pkr? pikir2kan lah.