Monday, January 17, 2011

Is PKR a sinking ship ???

What is happening to Parti Keadilan Rakyat?

Why Daniel Tajem is urging the Dayaks to join SNAP?
Only the Chinese and Malays are to be in PKR ???

Is it true that PKR a sinking ship as claimed by Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah?

WHY??? !!!

Return to SNAP, Dayaks urged
Joseph Tawie | January 16, 2011

A revitalised Sarawak National Party (SNAP) wants the Dayaks in the state to join forces and reclaim their rights.

SIBU: An revered “elder” in Sarawak politics has made a clarion call to the Dayak community to return to the Sarawak Nasional Party (SNAP) fold and help the party reclaim its right.

In making the call, lawyer and former diplomat Dato Sri Daniel Tajem urged Dayaks “not to wait” until their “individual rights whittle to nothingness”.

Tajem, who was also the former president of the now defunct Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS), urged all Dayaks, especially the ex-PBDS members in Sarawak, to join SNAP which is now undergoing a rebranding exercise.

“The policy, principle and the objective of SNAP are similar to those of the defunct PBDS.

“So what are you waiting for? Are you waiting for all our native customary rights (NCR) land to be taken away to be made as estates of certain Barisan Nasional leaders and their cronies and family members with little pittance given to the landowners?

“Do you wait until your individual rights whittle down to nothingness?” Tajem asked participants at SNAP’s symposium here.

Tajem, who was also former deputy chief minister, said that SNAP was the right avenue for the people to support.

“We want to play an important part in the machine of politics that will churn the wheel and I can see that with the death of PBDS, we have no alternative but to support SNAP,” he said.

There are about 100,000 Dayaks who are without a party. They are believed to be former PBDS members who never joined any other party following PBDS’ demise.

Inputs needed

Earlier, SNAP president Edwin Dundang said that the Sibu symposium was to put SNAP back into the “factory” once again.

He is hoping that the symposium would help repackage SNAP either as an old product with a new casing “like an old wine in a new bottle” or “perhaps even become a different product altogether with a new brand”.

Either way, the primary aim now, said Dundang, was to attract new customers in addition to wooing the previous Dayak and the rural-based customers.

“Inputs are needed from all present as to how we can together move SNAP once again,” he told participants.

He said SNAP, which was deregistered eight years ago by the Registrar of Societies, has become legally operative since June 23, 2010, following the decision of the High Court of Appeal, which ruled that it saw no legal reasons why SNAP had to be deregistered.

“SNAP was almost dead (at one point). It was only surviving on a very thin thread of so-called “stay of execution”. Otherwise, legally SNAP was dead.

“It was deserted almost over night (following the deregistration) as about 123,000 members left the party leaving behind some 70,000 members,” Dundang said.

He, too, urged former members to come back and re-build the party.

SNAP was registered on April 10, 1961 and had played a major role in the formation of Malaysia.

Its secretary-general Stephen Kalong Ningkan was made Sarawak’s first chief minister.

During the height of its electoral successes in 1974, SNAP won 18 state and nine parliamentary seats.

Today, it has no elected representative either in Parliament or in the State Legislative Assembly.


  1. Why only now Tajem call all Dayak to join SNAP. What is the diffrent before n now? Dont 4get Tajem,you even been in the government, and what you have done 4 the dayak? Compare with Jabu he is much better than you r. Dont 4get alot of dayaks r millionair since under BN including you. Just mention, who r the owner of this co. M&D Motor, Tegas Motor, Tun Jugah building, n alot more

  2. It is easy to understand, why Tajem call on Dayaks to come to SNAP. He knew that, neither of the present so called Dayak based Party are representing the voices of majority Dayak. Tajem as we all know him,is always vocal when the issue is concerning his own race event if he have to be sideline by those powerful. But, sad to see, not many Dayak politicians are daring enough to voice out things like Tajem. Most of them just "angguk-angguk, ya ya, tunduk-tunduk" asalkan kantungku penuh...

  3. ....who else? Datuk Miskin? If you can not name more then 5 thats mean very small number of Dayak benefiting from 'numpang' the PBB (nama aja ada Pesaka dalam ya ) know why more than 40 thousands Dayak migrate to Johor? Few more thousands to other states like Selangor and Penang? Because they are under previlege at their own ground.Unlike those from big town esp. Kuching, Miri, and Bintulu school leavers from Marudi, Lawas, Long Lama, Belaga, Tatau, Kapit Ngemah, Kanowit, Bintangor Sarikei, Pakan, Julau...where are going find jobs? Have our state Gov. think about it? For those are powerful in PBB they like this situation, so the votes of Dayak becoming less and less.

  4. Y not let the young bloods 2 head the opposition coalition this time. The old horse should retire for good by now. If one was in BN govt before, what guarantee have u that they are not corrupt same like before again ? The young bloods may be inexperience BUT they are not less wiser and intelligent than those so-called seasoned politicians. Just give them the chance and evaluate. Do not be easily lured by old man's tales again.Tell me y are the old horses still nagging around if its not for their own interests? Do u think they are the true samaritans ?