Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year.....and why you think UMNO is hated?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year.....and why you think UMNO is hated?

by Hantu Laut

I meant to write on this issue but was indisposed for the past one week.

Many of you read many things on the Internet so time can be a big constraint so I'll keep it short and simple, a lengthy article would just slum your interest.

I wasn't shocked when I read this.

People in the know and those that have had the bad experience of dealing with these overzealous and stupid aides of not only the Prime Minister but other Federal ministers as well would tell you the many horror stories of these toadying good for nothing balls carriers when they come to Sabah and Sarawak.

They treat Sabah and Sarawak as the inferior dominions.They forgot, ignorant, or maybe, just plain stupid to know that Sabah and Sarawak jointly have land mass almost four times bigger than theirs and have more than enough intelligent beings living on it and guess what we are also now the bigger contributor to the oil revenue which oiled a big portion of the Federal Budget.

If the impossible can be made possible they would want the ground their bosses walked on to be laid in gold instead of the red carpet.That's how much they depended on apple polishing to keep their jobs and most of the times their bosses were either unaware or a party to their ungodly demands.

None of this "I am superior than you" thing happened during Tengku,Razak and Hussein's time.There was so much modesty then.Very little of this happened during Mahathir's time because he takes no nonsense approach to such things.

A good and well-respected leader does not need his aide going around acting like thugs and goons demanding respect for the boss.Only in the underworld such thing exists.Respect is earned, not demanded. The worst, I was told, was during Pak Lah's time when his 4th Floor Oxford brown-nosing yahoos strutting all over the country excessively exhaling the Oxford's air. Pak Lah was so awed by the word 'Oxford' he simply let them run wild.

I am in Hanoi at the moment and yesterday I visited Ho Chi Minh's living history, his mausoleum and his modest living quarters.

What I saw changed my view of this Leninist and the selfless and modest life he led during his revolutionary years and after he became the great leader.Such leaders don't exist anymore.Good leaders are forever revered, bad leaders forever cursed. Everywhere you go the Vietnamese people are so in awed of this great man.

Najib's aide, whoever he is, must have tipped the scale for being the most stupid of the lot. He has done his boss the biggest disfavour by trying to curry favour with him.

It's beyond one's imagination to think that such educated and cultured person...ooops! did I say cultured? Well! some of them think they are, but refering to my 'cultural lexicon' it says bad breeding.

Money,education and your outlook does not make you cultured, it's your behaviour that constitutes whether your are cultured or not and whether you are worthy of respect.

What do the simple-minded Christians think of this? Naturally, they think Najib was the one who instructed his men to clear the way before he visits the place because some ulamaks already warned him not to visit other religious festivals.

Thinking the smartest thing to do to circumvent the unofficial 'fatwa' on the PM would be to knock down all the Christian crosses and stop them from singing their hymns would protect his boss from those religious bigots whom I think should be thrown in the dungeons of Kemunting where they can do less damage.All they did was to sabotage Najib's 1 Malaysia because they don't want 1 Malaysia, they want a fragmented Malaysia where they can wield the political power.

Just imagine if the Pope wish to visit and pray in our mosque and his aide came and demanded we chop off all the minarets and domes first before he can come to the mosque.What would you do? Wouldn't you tell him to fuck off or in extreme cases, say in Afghanistan, they chop off his head and send it back to the Pope and with a note 'come at your own risk'.

Anyway, minarets and domes are not symbols of Islam but are just Islamic architecture that have timelessly been incorporated in the design and construction of mosques in Islamic countries.Visit the 'Grand Mosque' of Xian in China and some typical ignorant Malaysian Muslims would probably think it's a temple.There were no domes and minarets, just Quranic inscriptions on its walls.

There are many of these apple polishers, sychophants, ass-lickers or whatever you wish to call them that walk the ghostly corridors of Putrajaya making ungodly demands on what they think the lesser beings.

The action taken by his aide was no mistake, it was done with a purpose and no amount of explanation should be entertained.If I were Najib I look at it as a sabotage rather than a mistake.

Najib should remove such officers from his retinue of aides or his popularity would continue to shrink.

..and why do you think UMNO is hated ?.....ask these 'tukang angkat kaki'

Posted by Hantu Laut


  1. UMNo is hated coz UMNO is hateable ler, you jerk.

    What pig brain UMNO Melayu stupid enough to let those angkat them like that and take the blame?

    Coz they are hated, hateable!

    You think hantu Malaya can make them not, ah?

  2. UMNO should bcome NGO instead of political parti so that it can spread it wing everywhere where ever malay settle.