Tuesday, November 9, 2010

UBF: Malayans, please respect the Malaysia Act 1963!!!

Perjanjian 20 Perkara Sabah/Sarawak 
Ahad, November 07, 2010
di Raban Dayak Baru

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  1. if you think you are too smart, think again brother Kas Alwi.

  2. kenak kau anti fadhilah and his brother Kas Alwi? you are worst than a cheap whore plying the backlanes of Pending.

  3. Yes sebanaku
    How dare you expose corruption by Datuk Bustari Yusof?
    Who do you think you are?
    Do you know that Datuk Bustari Yusof has siphoned to his personal bank accounts hundreds of millions of dollars that was meant for BN Sarawak?
    Do you know how POWERFUL Datuk Bustari Yusof is?

  4. Dear Sebanaku,

    Ignore threatening comments from BN people,
    BN is nothing but leachers on the people!
    Vote Pakatan at the Sarawak Elections!

  5. Sebanaku looks more like a pkr outfit, designed to pit pbb /bn leaders against each other. Hope bn leaders are aware of this.
    Some young upstarts are caught in the web and will eventually be unmasked.

  6. hello See Chee Hoo Sorry for PR. itu patry sekarang sudah rebah lah. tumbang being blown by yesterday punya angin kuat lah. lu tau ini sarawak sudah tidak terima itu party luar dari sarawak lah. itu ho leng pun tidak dapat harap lah. exsen only.

  7. suhurdy macan ya lah kita mempertahankan ketua kita. kamek dengar kitak dgan bapak kitak nisi ada jawatan dalam PBB Dudong. macam ni YB Datuk Fadillah melantik kitak dalam exco pemuda negri. kitak ada talian keluarga dgan dato hj. bus and yb datuk fadillah kah.

  8. sebanaku just a proxy...do anything for their owns sake..truly u r pbb but u use it as a propaganda to kick others ass....shame on u...i bet u will go downs n nothing..

    melayu sarawak