Tuesday, October 5, 2010

King of Bloggers is frustrated with Pakatan Rakyat?

Hope that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim would seriously take note of issues highlighted by the king of bloggers.


Malaysia Today

Tuesday, 05 October 2010

(The Star) Self-exiled blogger Raja Petra Raja Kamarudin has threatened to pull out from backing Pakatan Rakyat in the upcoming Galas by-election as he claimed the Opposition had failed to deliver on promises made during the March 2008 general election.

Raja Petra, a supporter of Pakatan Rakyat, made the statement in front of his long-time ally and Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim at a dialogue session with Malaysians in London on Saturday.

He was reported by an online news portal to have expressed his unhappiness that Pakatan had yet to perform despite being in power in several states for more than two-and-a-half years.

“We have given Pakatan two-and-a-half years but not a single reform has been implemented. Some can be done immediately, some two years, some in 20 years.
“At least let us see some, then we will be quite happy and we will continue to support Pakatan in every by-election and general election,” he said.

Anwar responded by insisting that the Opposition’s hands were tied as much of the power to implement reforms was centralised in the Federal Government.

Malaysia Today


  1. RAJAPETRA ( RP ) is just trying to pull the wool over the eyes of malaysians once again just as he did before the march 8 election, and this time with a little cheeky twist. His so-called "bashing" at the Pakatan Rakyat right in front of Anwar is one of the greatest pretensions he manufactured. Very interesting... but who would believe that he ever meant what he said. He is the 'soul' of the PR and he is the 'spirit' of PKR in the last election. He was the master liar, charlatan extraordinaire of politics. Most importantly he has set himself as an instrument of falsehood and a machine of hate which the PR has been using to decieve the Rakyat of their votes. Now, let all Malaysians realize how much a fool we all have been. PR just cannot manage this Nation....they just do not have the knack at running a government, they are simply good at playing politics on a full time basis. PR is not mindful of the needs of the Nation and the Rakyat. Beware,..PR will just waste away the power mandated to them by making this Nation go backward as far back as Anwar's desire to be PM can go. Businesses will not grow, the economy will collapse and the Rakyat will say.." we have been hoodwinked.., we have been fooled.., we have been cheated by the incapable unworkable and idle good4nothing PAKATAN RAKYAT. Therefore RP's pretension is nothing new and certainly not a surprise at all. He is not sincere to us, malaysians.

  2. ahhh tiang api bloger kch tok ataupun tulang belakang nya !!kan org x tauk siapa nak???? nya mcm koala he he he ,kulit itam manis,tapi manis nya x ada gik ,apa tek dah kenak mkn oleh semut sikit demi sekit he he he.org nya nerd2 rupa nya ,badan kedak tiang lampu ,apa tek k nyuloh jln k b....... nya lalu nak .tapi tiang lampu ya x tingi x rendah sedang2 lah.mun nya tingi gilak nyuloh 2 2 x napak kelak,ya lah tiang x tingi x rendah sedang ,so nya 2 ya dapat nampak jln nak he he he he.mungkin tiang ya x lamak agik kenak tebang he he he he

  3. The real reason(s)..$$$$$.. dah kurenggg atau tak masuuukkkk..!!