Monday, August 30, 2010

One of the Millionaires in Sesco

by Sebanaku Sarawak

This message was written by an author who name himself or herself as "A Group of SESCO Engineers" in  the Sarawak Talk II forum in 2008:

Wahab Suhairi, the appointed Director of SESCO, is making millions of ringgit out of SESCO during his short tenure as Director of SESCO. 

He collaborates well with the former acting CEO of SESCO, Fabian Chang. 

They have together managed to award to Wahad consultancy firm worth million of ringgit of project consultancy and benefited directly or indirectly from the awards of other contracts in supply of spares, civil and electrical works contract.

Currently Wahab is working on few other projects, namely the Mukahpertian 132kv sub-station and Selangau 275kv sub-station. 

In the midst of the tender assessment, he and Fabian design and introduce a new tender assessment by way of opints system. they interrupted the adjudication of these tenders, telling the engineers to follow their way.

So, in this tender exercise, they assess and give ABB-80points and SESCO subsidiary company-70points. 

So they tell the engineers to recommend to ABB without even consider that SESCO engineering's price is more than RM12million lower than that of ABB. 

It is strange Wahad as chairman of SESCO Enginering is not supporting his own company. 

Maybe because MD Phang did not tell him well enough and ABB has a big budget for him given the fact that the ABB price is more than RM12million higher than SESCO Engineering for a contract of only about 33million ringgit.

Wahad is always using CM's name to frighten the SESCO engineer concern. 

He always say he has CM's mandate to do this, and this is the way he help to obatin political fund for PBB. 

We all know this is BULLSHIT!! 

PBB don't need fund to come this way. 

It is all for Wahad himself.

SESCO Board always tell us to save, to be conscious on our spending. 

But what some of the Directors are doing are completely different they just push for award of contract to whom they will benefit, they would not even consider the price impact at all though both offers are complying to tender specification. 

As engineers working inside, we are very disappointed.

A few questions to ask:
1. ABB delayed in completion of many 33kV substation projects and cannot hand over some 33kV substation projects, why trust them with 132kV and 275kV substation projects?

2. Who gave Fabian and Wahab the right to change the evaluation method in the midst of these tender exercise? Legally and contractually this is not right.

3. Why was price difference not considered at all?

We hope CM and ACA should interfere and investigate into this matter as the amount involve is big and if this is allowed, more are yet to come!

A Group of SESCO Engineers


  1. WELL...well...well, our so called professionals are in trouble also???? What more to say us, the "illiterate" rakyat, [in this SESCO point of caeses]...should it be better or wiser for you, Group of SESCO Engineers, get together and approaches Our CM directly about this? or if they are not willing to meet you, go to the far as I'm concerned, I haven't read about this yet(if only you didn't voiced it out here, I tak tahu)..ataupun kalau dah parah sangat...buat ja protes...blackout ja Sarawak tok...tapi jangan lama sangat...10 minit the way, thanks for your information about the substation project...etc...I BEEN LOYAL TO THE SESCO SO FAR

  2. Ada peluang nak buat $$$$ apa lagi..pakailah jentolak..tolak ajak dalam saku sendiri..!!

  3. His company can afford to donate RM4.50 million to lightup longhouses at Betong using Solar Hybrid System, what is there to say.

    He use Chong and Co to sue YB Johnichal and SPDP Wanita Secretary over one month default of rental.

  4. Now every one voice out and go against Wahab and Fabian. But befor that, alot of things happended during the Chairmenship of our oldman Uncle Tan seri Bujang, buat tan seri play a very cool game and no one realise that millions had been taken out, now is the tern of Wahab and Fabian. Let them makan lah but all of them will not get rich, see Tan Sri Bujang, since being SFS he had been walloping contraks and all the big contraks to his own families, but until now we can see they are all not that rich, because all the ill earned will not contribute to rich, cuma kaya dalam tin sahaja. Now it is the tern of wahab and Fabian. Let them cari makan, biar cari makan dengan betul, jika tidak tidak akan jadi kaya, cuma kaya dalam tin sahaja.