Tuesday, July 6, 2010

2nd Month Anniversary of Sebanaku Sarawak

To All Readers,

In conjunction with our 2nd Month Anniversary today, we wish to say thanks to all of you for continue visiting our blog to look out for 'stories behind the scenes'.

We also wish to say thanks to all of our contributors as well as individuals who have provided us with the necessary information.

The blog is only two-month old but the response is very encouraging with the average total daily hits since last month are surpassing 100.

Thanks for the support.

We would continue our efforts to tell 'the stories behind the scenes' for all to know.

Thank you.

Sebanaku Sarawak


  1. tahniah. satu pencapaian yang menarik. keep it up and good luck.

  2. Bagus pok! Sik dapat dak Ajiz Denan lawan kitak tok!

  3. encang jak benar-benar si aziz ya. tulah segal nulung fadilah. pa berik fadilah ngan nya kinek tok? mun setakat jadi ketua penerangan, sik da pa nak di bangga ya. sapa2 boleh megang jawatan ya.