Friday, July 30, 2010


by Sebanaku Sarawak
(Reposted with new information. This article was earlier posted in this blog on Thursday, May 13, 2010.)

KUCHING: ""Even if the system is corrupted, don't fight it - be part of it in order to survive!!!

This is what most people would say when being asked why they don't fight corruption.

No wonder Malaysia is known as a wonderful country that has many abnormal occurrences - at least to the eyes of the foreigners - which are actually very normal to the Malaysian.

For example, in the case of oil royalty.

When the opposition won Terengganu years ago, the Barisan Nasional government decided to convert the oil royalty to compassionate fund ('wang ehsan').

By doing this, the state government, which was under PAS, had no access to the 'oil royalty' because it was no longer an oil royalty but 'wang ehsan'!

It was extremely ridiculous for the BN government to do that because under the law, regardless of which party is elected by the rakyat to be a state government, the federal government (which is under the BN) has no right over the money.

But since this is Malaysia, so it is MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!

Virtually anything which is impossible in other countries, are possible in the Boleh-land.

Another good example is on a case involving one ministry in Putra Jaya.

For easy reference, let's name the minister as BODOH Minister and his ministry as the BODOH Ministry.

A company had completed a RM6 million project awarded by the BODOH Ministry in 2005 but until now the final account is yet closed.

The puzzling part is the BODOH Ministry has admitted that there is nothing wrong with the project itself but still it could not initiate the process to close the account.

And when asked to do so, the BODOH Ministry will point its finger to the Project Management Consultant (PMC) saying it should be initiated by the PMC.

And when the PMC is asked to close the book, it will say it is the responsibility of the BODOH Ministry - not its responsibility.

It is said that the company had to spend quite a big sum for the expenses to travel to Kuala Lumpur to seek explanations on why the BODOH Ministry and PMC could not close the book.

Because of them dragging their feet on the matter, the company has to endure hardship as a result of unable to pay its sub-contractors.

The company needs the book to be closed in order for it get the retention sum to pay all of its debts.

The BODOH Minister, who happens to be one of the most active BN campaigners in Sibu, is fully aware of this case because the company has written dozens of letters to him.

And this BODOH Minister likes to go around the state making promises on many projects.

But how is he going to be trusted when his BODOH Ministry even failed to honour a RM6million project???

When a contractor is at fault, his BODOH Ministry would quick to blacklist the contractor by arguing that the contractor concerned has deprived the 'end users' from having a conducive environment to do their errands.

But when the BODOH Minister and his BODOH Ministry are at fault, they will pretend as if nothing has happened!!!

Why the BODOH Minister and his BODOH Ministry are treating contractors like dogs when the latter is at fault???

But when they themselves are at fault, why they still want the contractors to treat them like demi-gods???!!!

In view of this, how can we trust the Barisan Nasional government to honour its promise in the Sibu parliamentary by-election when there are many likes of the BODOH Minister in the BN government?

May be the voters should not waste their precious votes on the BN government because one thing for sure what ever promises given the BN government (especially the BODOH Minister) during the campaign are not going to be honoured.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to vote for DAP because at least all know that the party will not honour its promises!

p/s The total retention sum of the project are RM400,000 and the schools under the project are SMK Limbang, SMK Patiambun and SMK Medamit. The company is to sue the Bodoh Ministry a total of more than RM1 million as damages for the delay in releasing the money.

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  1. I think the contractor is at fault, referring to his claim that there is nothing wrong with the project, do he have black & white that support his claim? If not he cannot defend himself and should not be defended. This is typical of bumiputera contractor!!! Never show appreciation. Can the contractor negotiate instead of puting it up on the blog. Before this he (the contractor) is seekin government support, when given the opportunity fail and blame it on the hand that help him....he,he,he