Saturday, June 26, 2010

SUPP is taking a tough stance against outspoken members

by Sebanaku Sarawak 

KUCHING: Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) is fed-up with members who openly go to the press to criticize the party – and has decided to take tough stance against its critics within the party. 

The party wants all of its members to toe the line or face a disciplinary action. 

For a start, SUPP will punish all those who had criticized the party over the appointment of Lo Khere Chiang as the Padawan Municipal Council (PMC) chairman. 

The election is said to be the cause of the decision – it wants to have a unity front during the election. 


  1. george chan is trying to kill my political career. that is why he is very eager to go after my men... fuck u george chan... he knows that my supporters will not happy with him and will try to teach him a lesson by not voting for supp in the election. fuck u again...

  2. Lo Khere Chiang is a yes man in SUPP, but however a very honest one who is easy to manipulate.

    There are too many things at stake within Majlis Perbandaran Padawan.

    Top on the list is the illegal and controversial non existant 4D games via numerous outlets named “Telelink Damacai” and promoting the licensed 1+3D under Pan Malaysian Pools.

    A very Senior employee of MPP have confided in us that he was offerred a huge amount of money to make sure MPP lose in the suit brought against them for the closure of their outlets by MPP enforcement Officers.

    That did not materialise and not only one high court judge ruled their existance as illegal, another dish out similar ruling.

    However till date it is cat and mouse game between the authorities and the operators of “Telelink Damacai”.

    If you are unappy, either you keep quiet or just leave the party and continue to serve by joining any one of the component party in Pakatan Rakyat Sarawak!

    There is no point whinning over the decision of a party who is struggling to stay relevant in Sarawak, claiming to represent one community and leaning on the support of Bidayuh.

    Maybe Benggoh SUPP leaders should ask why, they are not taking Thief Minister Taib’s whishes to accept YB Larry Sng as a SUPP member.

  3. :O ... at one point CM did express his frustration because the state just couldn't get rid of 'Telelink Damacai'. No wonder could not close the outlets. SUPP in league with gangsters.

  4. cm needs more guys like lo to help him to rape the state

  5. jangan sebalang cakap aa..saya sudah bagi lui sama rata laa..apalagi u olang SUPP mau haa?u ai hamik aa?wa ho liau hok lu lang lui? cha mik suu pengyu..mai ane laa..