Sunday, May 23, 2010


by Sebanaku Sarawak

KUCHING: When the oil field issue was first highlighted by the former premier Tun Mahathir Mohamad, it had caused a stir in Semenanjung.

This had forced his successor Tun Abdullah Badawi to come out clean to admit that he did surrender the right over two oil fields worth RM320 billion to Brunei in exchange of Limbang.

After that there were exchanged of angry words from both the government and oppositions in Semenanjung as the latter was not happy being kept in the dark over the whole issue.

Abdullah said it was the Cabinet's decision and the Sarawak state government was consulted on the matter by which they didn't object with the deal.

The oppositions had called for a Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate because an important matter like this should not be decided by only a handful of leaders.

However, it seems that the Sarawakians are quiet on this matter. It is very strange because as if the oil fields were located in Semenanjung.

What is happening to the Sarawakians?

May be this is THE explanation over this 'we-don't-care-attitide'.

The Sarawakians believe that although the country is losing RM320 billion, Sarawak is only losing RM16 billions which are considered as an acceptable sum for Limbang.

The West Malaysians are not happy because they are losing RM302 billions.

Before any oil field was found in the Terengganu water, billions of ringgits from Sarawak had been channeled to Semenanjung.

They gave the Sarawakians only 5% of the oil royalty and kept the remaining for themselves.

Sarawak is a very difficult state to develop despite of having this 5% oil royalty due to its size, which is almost as big as Semenanjung, and at the same time its small populace are scattering all over the places.

To certain extent, the 5% oil royalty were not enough because there was certainly a small hole in the coffer which was used to keep the money.

But how small is the size of the hole, it is certainly not easy to determine the exact size as the management of the money is not for all to see.

Thus, Sarawakians were hoping that the West Malaysians would appreciate the sacrifices made by them.

But instead of being grateful to Sarawak, they were (and are) rude to Sarawakians.

They use a big portion of the money to develop states in Semenanjung as well as improving a lot things in Semenanjung such as universities, hospitals, et cetera; and neglected Sarawak.

The West Malaysians were (and are) treating Sarawak just like any other state in Malaysia despite of the fact that Sarawak is not just a state but the region that formed Malaysia in 1963.

Rightfully, all development fund should be divided into 3 regions, i.e. for Semenanjung (or Malaya), Sabah and Sarawak - and not divided according to states.

The West Malaysians might argue that there are many states in Semenanjung that in need of development - but still the undeniable fact is Sarawak is not having the same status with any state in Sememenanjung.

In fact Sarawak's status is equivalent to the sum of all states in Semenanjung.

Therefore, as the region that formed Malaysia, Sarawak deserves to get at least 30% of the oil royalty and not 5% which is given to a state like Terengganu.

So, why making noises if only the West Malaysians to benefit from the RM320 billions?

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