Friday, May 7, 2010


by Sebanaku Sarawak

Sibu: Other candidates in the Sibu parliamentary by-election are talking about big issues such as money politics, corruptions, democracy, transparency and change of the country's top leadership but the independent candidate Narawi Haron, 60, has another issue that could make political pundits to scratch their heads.

He said today he wants to highlight pot holes on roads in Sibu as one of the issues which he would use to influence the voters to cast their votes to him.

The former soldier stressed that the issue is important to the constituents and the government seems to be not interested to solve the problems.

With this kind of mentality, then it is not a surprise that Narawi doesn't seem to care whether or not he will win or lose in the by-election.

More over, he has resigned to the fact that with only 2,000 supporters behind him, it is almost impossible to win the seat as the total number of voters in the parliamentary constituency is more than 50,000.

Nevertheless he is banking on the by-election to gauge the level of support which would be a deciding factor on his candidancy for the coming state election that could be held any time from now.

Apparently, he is already eyeing on the Nangka state constituency by which in the last state election, he withdrew at the eleventh hour to pave ways for a two-corner fight between BN and PR.

Narawi, who denied that he was sponsored by certain individuals to split votes among the Bumiputera, said he would not budge from his decision to withdraw in the Sibu by-election that would be held on May 16.

He has paid RM10,000 to the Election Commission as his election deposit.

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