Sunday, May 9, 2010


by Sebanaku Sarawak

SIBU: The Perkasa state chief Abang Abdul Nasser Abang Hadari said he is impressed with the loyalty given by the indigenous people to the Barisan Nasional in the previous state election.

And he said although there are cases of problems faced by the Bumiputera which are unattended by the government (read as SUPP-led local government in Sibu), all of these problems are merely being overlooked.

Not more and not less - according to Nasser.

So, he wants the Bumiputera to continue giving their supports to the BN party in the Sibu parliamentary by-election.

If the state BN has more leaders like this, then it is better for Pakatan Rakyat (PR) Sarawak.

Nasser is actually making a fool of himself by urging the Bumiputera, especially the Malays, to continue giving their loyalty to the BN despite of the fact that their welfare is not being looked into by those who are entrusted to do so.

He should check his facts before opening his mouth to curry favour the BN leaders.

OBYU Holdings Sdn Bhd is one of a very good example.

After the Ming Court episode, the man behind company was entrusted to look after the economy of the Malays in Sibu.

The understanding was he is to get projects in the state and Semenanjung and pass the projects to the Malays in Sibu.

And nearly 30 years after he was given the mandate, instead of the economy of the Malays in Sibu is getting better, it has become worse (or may be the most appropriate word is 'worst' or 'worst-est', if such word existed).

The Sibu Malays are fuming over more than RM2 billion ringgits which failed to filter down to them.

The man was supposed to divide the projects to the Malays in Sibu so that the general well being of the community would improve.

But instead of honouring his sacred promise to help the Malays in Sibu, he helps himself and his cronies - and left nothing for the genuine Sibu Malay contractors !!!

He shortchanges the very group of people who is being used by him to get all the state and federal projects!!!

He told the government that the projects were for the Sibu Malays and when he got it, he didn't share it with the Sibu Malays.

Is Nasser expect them to blindly give their loyalty to BN??? Is he insane???

The Perkasa state chief should be ashamed of himself for ignoring the fact that OBYU Holdings Sdn Bhd is cheating the Sibu Malays.

As a matter of fact, Nasser is actually betraying Perkasa.

But if his act of betrayal is to compare with the man behind OBYU Holdings Sdn Bhd, it is akin to comparing an ant with a whale.

At least Nasser is yet to get projects under the name of Perkasa but the brain behind OBYU Holdings Sdn Bhd has received more than RM2 billions under the name of Sibu Malays!!!

Thus, it is the right decision for the Sibu Malays to give their support to PR Sarawak / DAP as to show their unhappiness after being conned for a sum of more than RM2 billions in a period of nearly 30 years !!!

However, if the Sibu Malays decided to vote for the BN, then Nasser is right - i.e. the Sibu Malays are as crazy as him.

When this happens, OBYU Holdings Sdn Bhd is going to cheat the Sibu Malays again and again in order to get another RM1 billion projects.


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