Wednesday, May 12, 2010


sby Sebanaku Sarawak

SIBU: It does not matter who wins the Sibu parliamentary by-election - be it SUPP or DAP, the results would be the same, i.e. the Bumiputera would continue to be sidelined.

This is what most of the Bumiputera in Sibu believe.

It has happened for so many years and regardless of what are being said by the SUPP and DAP leaders during the campaign, nothing would happen after by-election is over.

Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) president Dato Sri Dr James Masing is certainly aware of this and he wants SUPP to put a stop to the digusting attitude.

Enough is enough, said Masing to SUPP.

He just could not hide his exasperation over the failure of the SUPP leaders to look after the welfare and requirement of the Ibans who are residing on the outskirts of the Sibu town.

He pointed out that if this unhealthy trend is allowed to continue, it will only futher alienate the voters from the BN.

James Masing also sad that many applications for development-related assistance by the Ibans were not entertained by SUPP.

It seems that he does not care of what SUPP would think about him highlighting the suffering of the Ibans due to being sidelined by the SUPP.

Apparently he is convinced that whether SUPP likes it or not, the party has no choice but to rely on the support from the Bumiputera, be it Ibans or Malays, in order to win the by-election.

And although he was talking in his capacity of as an Iban leader, surely many Malays in the Sibu town would be happy to know that finally someone is bold enough to openly admit that SUPP has sidelined the Ibans (Bumiputera) for so many years; and he demands the Chinese-dominat party to clean up its act.

The Nangka state assemblyman Dato Awang Bemee Awang Ali Basah should take cue from James Masing's heroic act and not to continue pretending as if the Malays in the Sibu town are not being unfairly treated by the Chinese in SUPP.

If he remains silent on this issue, than the only way to teach Bemee and PBB top leadership a good lesson - for not giving adequate attention to the welfare of the Malays in the Sibu town - is by giving all the votes from Bumiputera to DAP.

No doubt, the parliamentary seat is going to be under the oppositions but at least the message is loud and clear to all PBB members in Sarawak - i.e. Bemee and PBB leaders have let down the Malays and Ibans in Sibu.


  1. u are my hero !!! thks !!! Hidup Dayakism !!!

  2. Sibu Iban

    Syabas dan Tahniah...Dato Sri Dr. James Masing you is the real Iban leader...syabas3x

    Thats the type of leader we rakyat need/want, who is really fight for the Iban and cares for the Iban.

    We rakyat needs leader who champion for the right of their people.

    Stop politicking our Iban rights with the Chinaman.....enough is enough......

    Keep on with your good work Dato Sri...we are all behind you..