Sunday, May 9, 2010


by Sebanaku Sarawak

KUCHING: The Sibu parliamentary by-election turns out to be a three corner fight instead of four as some would believe it would happen.

An independent candidate Hamka Kassim who was earlier reported to contest as an independent candidate, has chickened out and did not turn up at the nomination centre to submit his nomination form.

Thus, the by-election would see the Sarawak DAP boss Wong Hong Leng to fight at two fronts - i.e. against the SUPP candidate Robert Lau Hui Yew and another independent candidate Narawi Haron.

The name of the candidates for the by-election was announced by the Election Officer Wong See Meng at 1130am yesterday.

One thing for sure, Narawi has no hope to win the election to be the people's representative in the Parliament.

But what many does not realise is Narawi is going to the kingpin to determine who will win the by-election.

He is the voices of the Malays/Bumiputera, who constitute of about 32 % in the Sibu parliamentary constituency, who have been neglected by SUPP or even DAP for many years.

Although both SUPP and DAP claimed to be multi-racial parties, they could not deny the fact that the Chinese are the dominant race in both parties.

And it is logical for them to fight for the interest of the dominant group or race in their parties regardless of their rhetoric statements that they are fighting for the interests of all races.

If the Chinese voters of about 67% are bitterly split between SUPP and DAP, then the best ass kisser will be the winner.

And Narawi certainly is aware of this fact. He is going to campaign as usual to get the supports from the Malays/Bumiputera. And few days before the election day, he would be approached by representatives from both camps asking for his supports.

Both would promise him that they would help the Malays/Bumiputeras after winning the seat.

It is possible that Narawi would throw his support to Ho Leng because he had given chances to SUPP in few elections but it seemed that the situation is not getting better for the Malays/Bumiputeras.

When this happen, the Nangka state assemblyman Datuk Awang Bemee Ali Basah better starts to get ready being dumped for the next state election.

He admitted that the oppositions are now actively campaigning in the Malay and Dayak areas to get their votes in his constituency - and he is worried if many of the Malays/Bumiputera, who constitute of about 60% in the constituency, would not supporting the BN.

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