Monday, May 10, 2010


by Sebanaku Sarawak

KUCHING: Year in year out, the Nangka state assemblyman Datuk Awang Bemee Ali Basah has never failed to impress his constituents.

They are realy realy realy impressed with his skillful lips which have never failed to work wonders in the constituency.

And it is not a surprise at all if there are state assemblymen who are envied of Bemee and his skills in using his lips.

Many years ago, there was a wellknown man who thought that he had perfected his skills in using his lips but too bad that he was not as good as he thought.

The voters kicked him out from the office after he ended his first term to serve as the most powerful man in the world.

May be he should have sought for Bemee's advice and learnt from the state assemblyman on how to do it.

In fact many politicians would hope that they are blessed with such gift.

Many of them would agree that even a full 100 percent commitment would not guarantee them a secured victory in their next election.

And many of them would also agree that even a full 100 percent of honoring promises would not guarantee them a safe path to an election victory.

Just ask any people's representative, and most of them will agree with the two earlier statements.

Therefore, many politicians in the state are wondering how did he manage to do it.

Like Bemee, they also kiss the asses of the like of Datuk Patinggi Alfred Jabu Numpang, Datuk Seri Asfia Awang Nasar and Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hassan but still they don't feel secured.

Some of them know that they are better ass kisser than Bemee but why Bemee is still around as if he is anointed by God to be the Nangka state assemblyman.

They know that Bemee is a worse liar than them.

While they only honour 3 out of 10 promises which they gave to their constituents, Bemee only honours 1 out of 20 promises given to the Nangka constituents.

But still Bemee still getting favour from those in power.

Every body in PBB knows that in every election, the likes of Asfia and Tengah will go around in the Nangka constituency to meet the Malay/Bumiputera voters begging them to vote for Bemee.

The one million ringgit question is why the hell is PBB still want to keep a person like him when the top leaders have to be on their knees begging and pleading the voters not to turn their back on Bemee in every election?

What is so special about Bemee that he is untouchable???

Here is the answer ...

He goes extra miles with his lips.

He also kisses the asses of SUPP leaders in Sibu.

Therefore, it is very difficult for PBB leaders to get rid of him when the SUPP leaders are 'protective' of Bemee.

This is the reason why the magic of his lips is more powerful than the other state assemblymen.

He can give as many promises he likes to his constituents without having to worry at all what will happen to him if he fails to honour them because he is THE man who the Sibu SUPP leaders want to be in the Sibu parliamentary constituency.

Rain or shine, Bemee is The man, says SUPP.

So, in the nutshell, no doubt that the Nangka constituency is represented by a PBB man, but the reality is he is a SUPP man.

Put his track record as the Nangka state assemblyman on the table for all to see ... and the record will clearly show that Bemee has the most powerful magic lips in Sarawak.

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  1. hahahaha...
    1.fakta ini terlalu bias, bersifat agenda peribadi, kejulingan intelektual
    2.w/pun sdr x suka awang bemee.janganlah melampau2 memburukkkan sehingga nampak agenda peribadi sdr.
    3. Kalau Profesor Dr. Jayum terbaca artikel ini mesti dia terguling2 ketawa baca artikel ini yang tak objektif sifatnya. (harap dia tak jumpa..hehe)
    4.Rujuk statistik dari SPR terlebih dahulu sblm mengemukakan data.
    5.Blog ini dibina untuk bersatu menentang musuh BN dan bukannya membuka pekung BN. Kesian kat Pehin Sri sekiranya dia tahu siapa di belakang blog ini..
    6. PM dan CM tahu pelbagai faktor kekalahan di sibu. Buatlan kajian akademik bukan melontarkan sentimen/emosi semata2.
    7.Saya amat s0kong blog ini kiranya ada fakta tepat. Belajar dari portal malaysiakini, malaysian insider, harakahdaily dalam research culture untuk menulis.